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Jefferson City

September 14, 2007 

Passanante Promised Ass Kicking 

Paul Passanante raised eyebrows a couple of weeks ago with a strong-worded letter endorsing Chris Koster and calling Jeff Harris a "sea urchin."

Here is a different letter.

Though Harris isn't mentioned by name in this new letter, Passanante clearly had issues with the Democratic House leadership going back to January.

In this letter to Rep. Fred Kratky, Passanante rebukes the leadership for moving Rep. Terry Young's parking space. He refers to Rep. Young as "my girl." And vows, "I will not allow Terry to be treated like this."

Rep. Ray Salva gets the most ire.  Passanante says he will "kick his ass" if Young is treated with anymore disrespect. "Not holler at him. Not threaten him. Kick his ass."

So the jury is split. Some think Passanante is down on Harris for his vote on judicial pay raises; others because Young didn't get the "respect a lady deserves."


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September 11, 2007 

GOP Leadership Races 

There won’t be any legislative activity in