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Election Day

September 5, 2007 

Dempsey Dominates 

State Rep. Tom Dempsey dominated the 23rd State Senate seat with a 12.4% victory. His opponent, Ed Appelbaum, took 43.8% to Dempsey's 56.2%.

Dempsey's victory was hardly unexpected. The State Senator-elect raised nearly 44 times his opponent. Dempsey's 8-day-out report showed $362,767.82 raised in this election versus Appelbaum's $8,347.30.

Dempsey also picked up the endorsement of two major unions, the Laborers and Carpenters. It's not unheard of for unions to endorse Republicans. Recent Republican-turned-Democrat Chris Koster notedly received support from a variety of unions. However, as the Democratic son of union organizer, Appelbaum would usually be the likely pick. However, Dempsey' has been in favor of some of the union's legislative goals such as the "prevailing wage". And it doesn't hurt to back the winner.

Despite Dempsey devastating financial advantage, his 12.4% victory is in line with the district's Rep/Dem history. Special elections can be difficult to draw much from, but even in a safe Rep district against an underfunded opponent, his vote did not exceed expectations, nor did appreciably expand the base. The campaign hit its win number, and that's about it.

The overwhelming financial support for such a safe seat points to Dempsey's potential future career. As a frosh State Senator he won't have much influence, but as an investment in the future.... Add together term limits, a full bank account and even his union-friendly record and there is a politician that the party will want to keep looking up. 

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September 4, 2007 

Behind the eight ball 

Dempsey's financial advantage is only one of the weights Appelbaum is pulling against.

The 23rd Senate seate has been solidly republican for the last 11 years. Republicans have won with a minimum of 11% in the last three elections.

In 2004 Republican incumbent Chuck Gross, now serving as St. Charles County's director of administration, defeated Democrat Mindy Primm 58% to 42%.

In 2000 Gross defeated Democrat Don Kissel 54.3% to 45.7%.

In 1996 Republican Steve Ehlman, now serving as the St. Charles County Executive, won 63% of the vote, trouncing Democrat George Hahn who took 34.6% and Libertarian Kurt Trachte who took 2.4%.

In what must be a blow to Appelbaum, the son of a union organizer, two major unions the Laborers and the Carpenters have also thrown their support behind Dempsey.

The unions both cited Dempsey as a "friend" who has supported some of their issues such as the prevailing wage. Though in what is expected to be a lopsided election, it doesn't hurt to back the winner.

The labor support represents money and ground-game workers that didn't show up for Appelbaum today. For a grass-roots guy like Appelbaum, workers could mean votes. And if it the election were close (and who can predict what happens in a low-turnout, relatively unrecognized special election the day after Labor Day), they could mean the votes.

Results are expected soon.


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REPUBLICAN Tom Dempsey is expected to win today's special election. But it's a sign of the times that he doesn't mention he's a Republican in his TV commercials. This despite the fact that the 23rd is a Republican district and he served in the a leadership position in the House.


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April 4, 2007 

Quick wrap up from around the area 

Union-endorsed School Bard candidates Katherine Wessling and David Jackson won the two open slots on the–likely soon to be powerless–St. Louis school board with 37% and 31% respectively.

In University City, Lynn Ricci handily defeated challenger Gloria Nickerson for the 2nd ward council seat, 81% to 19%.

In Overland, the unsurprising news of the day is the recall of Mayor Ann Purzner. Approved by 73% of the residents.

Creve Coeur residents approved a slate of charter amendments ranging from how ordinances are enacted–which passed with 72%–to requiring a two-thirds majority vote of the city council to approve eminent domain–88%. The eminent domain amendment was placed on the ballot by citizen petition. (full list here.) 

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April 3, 2007 

Results at 

29% of the precincts reporting - Parks is up 70-30.

UPDATE: It passes. 6.8% turnout. 

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SLPS Board Elections 

in the Economist. 

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Election Day Open Thread 

How slow is it out there?

Predictions on the parks? It needs 3/5 to pass. 

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March 7, 2007 

You have reached the voicemail of.... 

Before going into his concession speech, Jim Shrewsbury told the gathered supporters he had tried to call Lewis Reed on the phone but was unable to reach him.

In Reed's defense, his gathering was rocking all night and cell phone reception in the bowels of the Jefferson Arms was spotty at best. The two eventually spoke after Shrewsbury's speech. 

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Reed Wins! 

Mayor's statement. 

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March 6, 2007 

15th ward 

Former State Senator Pat Dougherty was at the polling place in the 15th ward in support of Jim Shrewsbury.

One voter demanded of those handing out lit for Lewis Reed and Shrewsbury if their candidate supported "Beer for babies" and later "beer for toddlers"?

Confused looks followed in his wake. 

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Turn Out Impressions 

Light, everywhere. In some places it feels very light. Hearing okay turn-out (light, but steady) in 6, 23, 16, 28.  

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Tales from 24 

Emailer writes: Alderman Bill Waterhouse chatted with one of his opponent's poll workers this morning at Dewey School. He was surprised to learn that the young woman lived in St. Charles County. When Waterhouse asked her why she was volunteering for Tom Bauer in a city election, she said, "because my uncle -- who is a contractor -- is paying me." Waterhouse also reports that turnout in the 24th has been very low. 

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Dead in 8 

Polls are dead in Ward 8 this morning.

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Go Vote, Please. 

It's a beautiful day. 

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November 8, 2006 

MO Results 

SOS site.

Montee wins Auditor.
In State Senate - Barnitz holds; Bray holds; McKenna leading; Shoemyer wins; and Champion holds off Harpool.
Minimum Wage passes.
Tobacco Tax doesn''t.
Prop P passes.
And stem cell looks like it passes.

More on the State House races in a bit.

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You can feel it here. 

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November 7, 2006 

Grill Wins; Welch Loses 

Grill's a pick-up. Makes up for Dake 

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Some Dem big-wigs are picking Claire up from the airport to come to the hotel here. And the mood is getting happier.... Katherine Harris loss (FLA) has the crowd here applauding. 

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In the House 

It's early down here, but in the house already: Roger Wilson, Jim Shrewsbury, Rachel Storch, Steve Brown, Matt Murphy, Stephen Gregali and Tony Wyche.

In a half-hour, the number of politicos will have quadrupled. Come on down, it's just getting started. 

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More bits 

Rumor - They've run out of ballots in some locations in Jeff County. Remember you can report problems to Dem attorneys at 1-888-DEM VOTE

Meanwhile - the Missourian does an unscientific exit poll with its reporters.

Folks from Rolla and Waynesville MO are talking about a plane circling with a banner: Vote Frank Barnitz for State Senate.

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No Cloning group has 1000 vollunteers at Polling Places 

Drew from No on 2.jpgDrew McKeown (pronounced me-KOU-an) stood a lonely watch outside a polling place in University City passing handbills out to voters encouraging them to vote no on Amendment 2. Normally the polling place is stacked with volunteers on election day, but this grey November day, only McKeown was out.

McKeown, a student at Washington University studying economics, said he became involved through conservative maven Phyllis Schlafly's Eagle Forum. He said he is concerned by the “ethical slippery slope” that the Missouri Coalition for Lifesaving Cures proposes. What if successful research requires weeks of development rather than hours or days, he asked?

McKoewn admitted that most voters he approached had already made up their mind. He added, that despite a few mean-spirited comments, he had almost run out of handbills.

Jackie Winship from Missourians Against Human Cloning said they have around 1,000 volunteers at polls in St. Louis City and County. They have a nearly equal number in Kansas City and more throughout the state.

Connie Farrow of the Missouri Coalition for Lifesaving Cures said they were focused not on polling places, but were still getting the message out by sign-waving in high visibility places. Farrow said they have 1,000 volunteers across the state. In the city they are setting up at locations like the Tamm overpass on Interstate 40 and folks at major intersections like Clayton and Hanley.

Both groups said they have gotten word of high turnout, but neither is doing any exit-polling and any impression of success is anecdotal. They'll be watching tonights count like everyone else. 

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