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Media Matters

September 18, 2007 

Couple of new candidate websites 

Sam Page. Democrat running for Lieutenant Governor.

Kevin Gunn. Democrat running for senate in Webster Groves.

Mark Zoole. Democrat running for the House in West County.


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August 28, 2007 

Gentry, PD Erase Lines Between PR and Journalism 

Gentry Trotter appears to be getting paid to write good things about Governor Matt Blunt by both the Governor and the St. Louis Post-Dispatch. 

In her July 11 column, Deb Peterson wrote, "Trotter, known mostly for his PR mavenry, has been named special assistant to Ed Martin, Gov. Matt Blunt's chief of staff, and communications adviser to the governor's office." 

Evidently,the Post-Distpatch organization also hired Trotter as evidenced by his article and credited photo on the North County Journal's website touting his government employer. 

Can you say: "Conflict of interest?"  


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August 20, 2007 

Maplewood gets hit on Wiki 

Among the August 17th edits for Maplewood on Wiki, Maplewood is inhabited by 9,228 hoosiers and the town is being revitalized by an influx of restaurants, businesses, and shops for residents to rob. According to other editing, high school rivalries appear to be involved. 

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July 3, 2007 

FOCUS starts a Forum 

For online discussions of issues.