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3rd CD

June 12, 2007 

Russ and Debra 

(Via Combest) The Hill offers a portrait of the duo: If the congressmanís explanation of why he believes in international family planning is mostly cerebral and policy-driven, his wifeís reasoning is more personal.

ďIím a child of the í70s ó the late í70s,Ē she says with a laugh. Growing more serious, she explains that it was ďa real, incredibly powerful time for women about taking control of your life, entering sports, entering the workplace, the ability to chart your own path.Ē At the same time, she adds, family planning is important for menís freedom as well.

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April 18, 2007 

8th Ward and Iraq 

City Ward Organizations are usually parochial. Yet the 8th Ward Organization recently sent a letter to Representative Russ Carnahan concerning the Iraq War.  The letter, which is posted on their website, was passed unanimously by the 12-person executive committee.

According to one ward member, the reference to Carnahan's predecessor was quite deliberate.  He writes to ACC, It absolves Russ from the onus of voting in favor of intervention, and it places blame exactly where it belongs--with Dick Gephardt.  I can clearly remember Gephardt being photographed with W. in the White House Rose Garden, after he told Bush that the Dems would endorse the Iraq Intervention Resolution.  It's time the halo of political sanctity be removed from Gephardt's portrait.


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September 25, 2006 

Bertelsen wants a debate 

Over the past few election cycles the Weidenbaum Center at Washington University has sponsored a debate between the candidates for Missouri's Third Congressional District. Several weeks ago I agreed to participate in such a debate scheduled for October 16. I was told that the incumbent, Russ Carnahan, had told the Weidenbaum Center to "pencil him in." At a town hall meeting on Monday I personally asked Mr. Carnahan if he would debate me on October 16. He answered "I believe, I got the invitation."

On Friday I was told that Mr. Carnahan would not be able to debate because, according to his staff, he was "too busy."

I hope Mr.Carnahan changes his mind and decides to engage in the debate. The people of Missouri's Third District deserve to see the candidates in action.

Dave Bertelsen
Republican Candidate
Missouri 3rd Congressional District

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March 30, 2006 

Frisella a Hall of Famer 

From Tom Weber's KWMU story: "Frisella coached high school and college soccer for many years and was inducted in the St. Louis Old Time Soccer Hall of Fame in 2001."  

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July 22, 2005 

Carnahan votes for Patriot Act 

Playing to Jeff Co? 

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July 15, 2005 

Carnahan Quarter 

Not great, but with the competition melting away, maybe it doesn't really matter.
Raised $164,844. $194,532 cash on hand.

Nice job getting PAC money - $96,851, but still over $100k in debt and expenses ran over 100k.  

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July 13, 2005 

Mohn Moving 

Former 3rd CD candidate Corey Mohn is moving back to Kansas City. 

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June 29, 2005 

I Missed Pridefest 

But Colin Murphy of the Vital Voice sent me this report:

I was very pleased to see Rep. Russ Carnahan not only ride in this years Gay Pride Parade but take the stage following Mayor Francis Slay and address the crowd. This was my 16th year at St. Louis Pride and I don't ever recall seeing a U.S. Rep. in the parade, most notably, Dick Gephardt. (Gephardt's daughter Chrissy did attend two years ago during his failed presidential bid.) Carnahan was very well recieved. Smart move on his part but how will it play in the county?

Several city alderman and state legislators also either participated in the parade or stopped by the Gateway Stonewall Democrats tent to chat with festival goers. There was a definite "political feel" to this year's event that I was very glad to see.

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April 20, 2005 

Carnahan Crystal Ball 

Carnahan's April quarter filings look reasonably encouraging, and should begin to allay fears of "vulnerability."
The numbers: $220,736 raised; $83,640 spent; $138,888 on hand.
Critics still cite his outstanding debt ($136,374) and considerable expenditures as problems.

Additionally, I'm changing my analysis of how Johnson's loss in the 22nd affects Carnahan. I had thought that Alter's victory gave the Republicans a foothold there from which to launch their campaign against Carnahan.

Forget foothold. Try turn-out.

The most likely scenario now is that Ryan McKenna (who narrowly lost his bid to be the Dem nominee) will run against Alter in two years. Should be a spirited race and will heighten turn-out in the district. What kind of turn-out is the question. Will feisty Democrats longing to retake the seat turn-out and vote Carnahan as well? Or, without a liberal in the race, will the turn-out be heightened among pro-life, pro-gun voters thereby supplying extra votes to his opponent?

I think those are more accurate questions to chew on. 

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March 23, 2005 

Cook: Carnahan Hard to Unseat 

An excerpt from the Cook report

House 2006: Looking For A Few Good Races

By Charlie Cook
Tuesday, March 22, 2005

A very early preview of 2006 House races shows slim pickings for both sides... With the caveat that unpredictable events could always impact the 2006 landscape, Republicans do not appear to be in danger of losing their majority...

...Beyond this group, there are few other districts that look vulnerable.

Republicans are likely to put long-time targets Reps. Darlene Hooley (Ore.-05), Jim Matheson (Utah-02), Dennis Moore (Kan.-03) and Earl Pomeroy (N.D.-At Large) in their sights, but there is little reason to believe that these incumbents are in any danger of losing their seats. All have survived rough and tumble campaigns in the past. Freshman Reps. Russ Carnahan (Mo.-03) and Brian Higgins (N.Y.-27) won with less than 54 percent of the vote in 2004, but both sit in heavily Democratic districts and will be tough to unseat.

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March 19, 2005 

Carnahan fundraiser 

Tuesday night at the Lemp Mansion. The details. 

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March 16, 2005 

Remember the ERA? 

It's back. Saw a bumper sticker for it the other day and then this press release from Congressman Carnahan:

For Immediate Release

March 15, 2005

Carnahan Co-Sponsors Equal Rights Ammendment

Congressman Russ Carnahan (D-MO) has joined other members of Congress in co-sponsoring the Equal Rights Amendment with the hopes that the 109th Congress will finally achieve official equality for women in America.

An amendment to guarantee equal rights to women has never been ratified and added to the U.S. Constitution, though it has been introduced into every session of Congress since it was written in 1923. The Equal Rights Amendment passed Congress in 1972, but it lapsed in 1982 when it fell three states short of ratification.

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March 3, 2005 

Roll Call article 

The Roll Call article mentioned in comments below can be found here, though I think you have to be a subscriber to read more than the first half-sentence.

I'm quoted but they confuse me with ArchPundit. 

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February 2, 2005 

Roll Call 

Richer, for Poorer
Some Potentially Vulnerable House Members Are Already Sitting on Bulging 2006 Campaign War Chests; Others Are Broke
By Josh Kurtz
Roll Call Staff

February 2, 2005
Several freshman House Members who just won costly, hard-fought elections begin their 2006 re-election battles with almost no money left in their campaign accounts, while others appear to have quickly started to replenish their re-election funds.
The same dichotomy holds true for more senior incumbents who can expect to be targeted by the other party in 2006.
These conclusions come from an analysis of the latest campaign statements that candidates and officeholders were required to file with the Federal Election Commission this week.
Roll Call looked at the 38 House Members who received 55 percent of the vote or less on Election Day. Most, though not all, can expect relatively vigorous challenges in 2006.
Using cash-on-hand figures ? that is, the amount of money candidates had left in their treasuries at the end of 2004 ? it would seem as though freshman Rep. Thelma Drake (R-Va.) is in the most dire financial straits. Her campaign had just $139 left in the bank on Dec. 31 after spending about $800,000 to win a late-starting competitive race to replace retiring Rep. Ed Schrock (R).
It remains to be seen whether Democrats will seriously contest the Republican-leaning southeast Virginia district in 2006. Drake?s opponent last year, highly touted attorney David Ashe, had $33,000 in the bank on Dec. 31.
On the Democratic side, Rep. Russ Carnahan (Mo.) had the least money on hand among freshmen in the 55 percent-or-less club, with just $7,700 in his bank account as of Dec. 31. Carnahan, who spent $1.3 million in 2004, could face a Democratic primary challenge next year from college professor Jeff Smith, one of the candidates he defeated in the race to succeed veteran Rep. Richard Gephardt (D). But the St. Louis-area seat is considered relatively safe for whomever is the Democratic nominee.  

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February 1, 2005 

State of the District 

Next Monday Congressman Russ Carnahan will deliver a STATE OF THE DISTRICT ADDRESS hightligting the issues currently facing the 3rd Congressional District, as well as his goals for the 109th Congress.

Monday, February 7, 2005
6:30 p.m.
Webster University
University Center
Sunnen Lounge
175 Edgar Road

Congressman Russ Carnahan will take questions from the audience following his address. This event is open to the public.

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October 29, 2004 

Federer Low Blow 

It's a skill really.

Timing you're meanest, nastiest campaign literature to hit the mailboxes on the weekend before an election so there's no time for a rebuttal.

It's amazing Carnahan is a free man considering the allegations in this Federer piece.

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October 12, 2004 

Vital Voice accuses Federer campaign of gay baiting 

Is the Federer campaign gay baiting voters? asks Vital Voice's Pam Schneider. 

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August 8, 2004 

CD's Eric Lillard not ours 

Will's comments are confirmed by this link which shows our Eric Lillard graduating from Carbondale High School in 1979. His name is not spelled correctly, but the address is his. 

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August 7, 2004 

CD Stelzer uncovers something on The Postcard 

Over at Media Mayhem, Stelzer tracks down an article about an Eric Lillard formerly of Cleveland. 

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August 4, 2004 

some voting results by county 

From the SOS office.

Favazza took 18.8% of the city vote. Jeff Smith won the city with 28.3%. He also nosed out a win St. Louis County with 27.7%

Amendment 2 failed in the city, but only narrowly. 

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Carnahan wins 

Carnahan wins. What a race! 

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Statement From The Jeff Smith Campaign On Election Results 

Statement From The Jeff Smith Campaign On Election Results

Yesterday we saw the power of our grassroots campaign as over 200 volunteers
beat the streets of the 3rd District spreading Jeff Smith's positive,
progressive message. The voters responded, vaulting our campaign into
victory in St. Louis City and St. Louis County.

This morning we await delivery of the votes from the final 41 precincts in
St. Louis city. We expect the City of St. Louis Board of Elections, under
the supervision of Mayor Slay, to release its findings. We will explore all
options at that time.

What is most important is that every vote is counted accurately, including
absentee and provisional ballots. It is equally important that all Election
Day irregularities be examined thoroughly.

We would like to express our respect for Russ Carnahan and all the hard work
that he and our other opponents poured into this contest. We look forward to
working with the entire Democratic slate towards victory in November.

Jeff Smith For Congress

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August 3, 2004 

Also, I almost forgot 

Another Postcard from hit mailboxes last night. 

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July 31, 2004 

More back and forth 

From the Jeff Smith campaign yesterday:

Carnahan Campaign Sinks To New Libelous Low

Today the sinking Russ Carnahan campaign stooped to a new low with slanderous phone calls saying that Jeff Smith is pro-life, and pro-gun.

Jeff Smith unequivocally supports a womanís right to choose and supports common sense gun control such as the assault weapons ban and opposes Missouriís dangerous concealed carry laws. His outspoken advocacy for these and other progressive positions such as universal healthcare and a foreign policy consistent with American values are the reason that his campaign has caught fire with the voters of the 3rd District. Tonight Smith finishes his Town Hall tour with an address to over 70 voters in South St. Louis city.

ďThe Carnahan campaign continues its slimy campaign of lies, libel, and distortion. First they claimed Russ was the only candidate to vote against conceal and carry. That was false. Joan Barry voted against it. Now they are sinking so fast in the polls that their volunteers or paid phone bankers are telling voters that Jeff Smith is pro-life and pro-gun. These charges are of course blatant libel and will be dealt with in court,Ē said Arthur Harris, Communications Director for Jeff Smith for Congress. Smithís campaign is in the process of filing an FEC complaint against Carnahan.

Carnahanís campaign canít talk about Russí ďthinĒ record of accomplishments, as the Post-Dispatch stated, so they must sink to lies, slander, and dirty politics. The voters of the 3rd District know better and will show so on August 3rd.

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July 30, 2004 

The Postcard 

I ran into some subscribers last night and they immediately wanted to talk about The Postcard. My wife - who is not the political addict I am - comes home every night from work and asks about The Postcard.

Here is pretty much everything I know about the Postcard:

It was sent from Cleveland on or about July 20. The permit number 2371 belongs to Advanced Media which has offices in Cleveland and Boston. This is its web-site. Cleveland has no customer service operations. Speaking to a company official in Boston, they confirmed that this is their permit number, but cited customer privacy for refusing to reveal who paid for the mailing. 25,000 pieces were mailed. Experienced campaign-types have estimated to me that to do a mailing of this type would cost about $6000-7,000.

Because the website lets people order, the culprit could have been in Cleveland, Boston, St. Louis, California, Germany, Boliva etc. But there will be a paper trail, and faced with a subpoena, Advanced Media will have to release that information.

The Postcard says that the mailing is paid by Eric Lillard, of Web Expressions, registered that web-site on July 14. He has since changed the registration to John Doe, but itís a little late to deny it since I and others have copies of the original registration. I called him on the phone and he was evasive and uncooperative.

Googling Web Expressions Inc, these are the web-sites that come up. Benjy Levin. Environmental Ironworks.
Here is the state registration for Web Expressions Inc.

Russ Carnahan campaign suspects Jeff Smith or Joan Barry had something to do with it. Their suspicions appear to rest largely on the Smith/Barry joint press conference outlining the same line of attack on Carnahan days before the Postcard arrived. In their complaint with the FEC, the Carnahan camp has a signed affidavit from Paul Schmid (donít have it in front of me so this may be an incorrect spelling) stating that he called the Jeff Smith campaign, asked for Eric Lillard and was told that he wasnít in but offered to take a message. The person who answered the phone, ďBrianĒ seemed to know Eric Lillard.

The Smith campaign says that this is ridiculous. They have lots of volunteers, not everyone knows everyone. The person who answered the phone assumed that if the caller was asking for someone, that person worked there, so offered to take a message.

Meanwhile Carnahan supporter Norman Pressman sent a wide-sweeping affidavit to Jeff Smith to sign which denies all knowledge of the Postcard. Pressman is clearly more interested in turning up the heat on Smith than getting to the bottom of the Postcard affair, but Smith hasn't signed it.

The Postcard is illegal. If one of the campaigns is tied to it, itís a felony. And someone may very well go to jail for fraudulent misrepresentation of campaign authority. However the FEC takes time to investigate, so donít expect anything this year.

If an individual acted alone and without any campaign instructions or help, it is still illegal, again because of the misrepresentation. There is no registered as an entity. Whether it would be a felony or not is unclear. However, it's hard for me to imagine that an individual would have a 25,000 frequent voter database handy. I believe that there's some tie to one of the campaigns.

Arch Pundit has also been digging and he has some additional information, but thatís for him to reveal when/if he feels it's relevant. As far as I know, he has not uncovered a smoking gun either.

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