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Campaign Finance Filings

September 19, 2007 

Fundraising Frenzy 

With a little more than a week left before the September quarter ends, it's fundraising frenzy among 2008 candidates.

Here's the invitation to Sam Page's KC event next week. He's lined up a lot of House members.


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August 27, 2007 

Campaign Finance News 

Supreme Court punts donation issue back to MO Ethics.

And in the special election in the 23rd, Tom Dempsey's 8-day report shows $116k raised; $169k spent; and $99k on-hand.  Meanwhile Ed Applebaum's 8-day shows $6k raised; $322 spent; and $8k on-hand.


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August 21, 2007 

Report on Pro-Voucher Donations 

Missouri Citizen Education Fund release a report about pro-voucher contributions.

In the first 6 months of 2007, pro-voucher contributors spent $483,850 on Missouri
candidates.  This outspends the entire 2006 cycle by $80,010.  Pro-voucher
contributors spent $385,340 for the 2004 Elections and $403,840 for the 2006
Elections.  This is a huge acceleration in contributions to pro-voucher candidates. 

Pro-voucher contributors have been able to give an unlimited amount of money because
the campaign contribution limits were removed effective January 1, 2007.  On July
19, 2007, the Missouri Supreme Court ruled that HB 1900 was unconstitutional and
restored the original limits.  Rex Sinqufield filed a legal argument with the
Supreme Court to let candidates keep all contributions over the limit.  The Missouri
Supreme Court is expected shortly to make a decision on what candidates will have to
do with contributions over the limit.


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August 16, 2007 

Gentlemen, Start Your Committees? 

Who really knows, but rumors are bounding about that the Supreme Court will announce its ruling on the campaign finance question this afternoon.

These same rumor-mongers say that the ruling will amount to "Sent it Back!"

We'll see.


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August 14, 2007 

Different Campaign Finance Funnies 

Let's start by noting that MEC's Delinquent Committees link is approaching its two years delinquent anniversary, still carrying the message: "Will be updated soon. Sorry for the inconvenience."


January 2006 was the last report MEC received from 6th Ward Democratic Organization. You may recall they had some turmoil last December and couldn't locate their by-laws.


20th Ward Residents for Progressive Change raised and spent $100 in its unsuccessful attempt to oust 20th Ward Alderman Craig Schmidt. They didn't file the April Report until May 18 and terminated early July but MEC did not have it scanned till end of month. 20th Ward Democratic Organization showed $1,638.33 spent during April reporting, $1,079.60 of it on printing and signs as direct expenditures to Schmid's campaign. The group has $5,697.87 on hand as of July Report.


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August 7, 2007 

More Mike 

According to reports filed with MEC by Mike Evans for Lieutenant Governor, the candidate is serving as his own treasurer. The Mike Evans for Lt. Governor website, however, says treasurer/scheduler is Retta Crawford (14th Ward-Bevo). The reports show that Evans loaned his committee $25,000 on June 1. Same day, he cut a $4,500 check to his now former campaign manager Drew Pritt, of Little Rock, and $3,000 to his fundraiser Zak Williams, of Milwaukee. 

He reported $5,095 monetary raised: 2 donations May 23 totaling $125 and $4,970 between June 5-18, including at least $2,500 from family and a total of $1,375 from Retta (listed as consultant) and Paul (listed as student) Crawford.

There is a W. Zachary Williams who was staffer to Wisconsin State Rep. Dan Schoof (D-45th), who resigned in June 2004 to become Director of the state's Energy Department. Wisconsin does not show the name Zak Williams or similar filing under its professional fundraiser or fund-raiser counsel registration. There is, however, a Zackery O. Williams who was licensed by Wisconsin in 2004 as a Private Security Person. 


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August 4, 2007 

City Electeds July Quarters 

Sharon Carpenter - $4,520 raised; $7,880 on-hand.

Mariano Favazza - $10 raised; $2,040 on-hand.

Darlene Green - $5,006 raised; $204,555 on-hand.

Michael McMillan - $0 raised; $119,204 on-hand.

Sheriff Murphy - $19,730 raised; $14,608 on-hand.

Lewis Reed - $48,050 raised; $50,912 on-hand; $112,944 debt.

Francis Slay - $83,375 raised; $343,341 on-hand.

Larry Williams - $0 raised; $19,945 on-hand.



1-     Charles Q. Troupe limited activity.

2-     Dionne Flowers no filing yet this quarter.

3-     Freeman Bosley Sr. limited activity.

4-     Sam Moore limited activity.

5-     April Ford