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August 28, 2007 

City Rumors 

If the next round of municipal elections still seems far off, that not stopping the rumor-mill from chattering away.  Placing aside the well-know state-rep races, here are other possible changes people are talking about.


6 – Committeeman Patrick Cacchione has had a “For Sale” outside his house for the past four months. Still it’s unclear whether he is even planning to out of the ward. In the event he did, his most obvious successor, Dave Sweeney, recently relocated to the 15, so who knows who Committeewoman Bev Bucheit would appoint.

9 – Committeeman Ron Auer is also on the move. He and his wife, Ann, are moving into a new house in 8. Pat Ortmann is the committeewoman.

21 – With the passing of arch-nemesis Myrtle French, Arthur Washington was able to consolidate the power of the ward for the first time in a long time.  Rumors had Antonio French as a possible challenger to the aging Washington next August, but considering his duties navigating Rodney Hubbard’s senate race, those plans may now be on hold. 

Those rumors also had Jamilah Nasheed running for the committeewoman; Nasheed has denied those ambitions.

23 – Rumors have Francis Slay Sr. handing over committeeman duties to Dan Hagerty.



1 – Quincy Troupe could face a primary challenge from committeewoman and former state rep. Yaphett El-Amin.  As a former state rep himself, history is not on Troupe’s side considering the short aldermanic careers of two other former state reps – Tom Bauer and O.L. Shelton.  

7 – Alderwoman Phyllis Young has been the subject of occasional retirement rumors, but that looks doubtful given her upcoming fundraiser.

15 – Jennifer Florida is the lighting-rod of choice for the discontented in (and out) of her ward.  McDonalds-gate led to a half-hearted recall attempt.  But between her rift with Board President Lewis Reed and the background presence of soon-to-be-termed Rep. Mike Daus (who lost to Florida by a handful of votes in 2001), the primary talk has heightened.

23 – There's more than the standard grumbling going on in 23. In fact, there are already three names in the air. The only scenario where Kathleen Hanrahan avoids a primary is if she doesn't run for re-election.  Mary Homan, Mike Sorth and Joe Vaccaro are the possible candidates. Vaccaro ran for the seat as an independent in May 2004 special election, and he pulled down 35%.

25 – Rumors have Dorothy Kirner retiring. If that holds true, one could imagine Committeewoman Maggie Lampe running. Or perhaps a second run by Steve Patterson, who lost to Kirner in 2005. Or both.


State Reps

60 – Jamilah Nasheed’s seat is said to be the latest target of former alderwoman Sharon Tyus’ comeback. Nasheed showed an impressive fundraising effort last quarter in anticipation of the challenge.

57 – Former alderwoman, and former mayoral candidate Irene Smith is mentioned as a possible primary opponent for Rep. T.D. El-Amin.



No names so far to take on incumbents Jennifer Joyce, Jim Murphy and Larry Williams


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May 17, 2007 

Midwifery - again. 

House source tells ACC that representative reviewing the rushed and unvetted midwifery language in 818 have concluded that it would allow midwives to perform partial birth abortions, and are working on a legislative fix.  If none comes, expect to see a statement from MO Right to Life urging the Governor to veto the bill. 

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April 23, 2007 

Notes from the J- J Dinner 

The Missouri Democratic Party held a fundraiser downtown Friday night.  The event was well-attended (968 paying). Politicians and activists came from across the state. Jo reports that $500,000 was raised.  Here's what I heard:

  • Two new names for the 67th (Daus is termed) were circulating: Lori Becker and Greg Christian.  They're both part of the Young Dems set, and have both worked at Vigilant. Becker ran Joan Barry's 3rd CD campaign in 2004. Christian ran Caccione's 6th ward race.
  • Judy Baker is looking at the Lieutenant Governor's race.
  • Sara Lampe will run in the 30th SD in 2010. It's an open seat as Norma Champion is termed.
  • The House Democratic Campaign Committee has enlisted the aid of political consultant / fundraiser Vince Currao. Rachel Storch reports exceptional enthusiasm for their efforts.
  • Jake Hummel was on the scene handing out Hummel for State Rep business cards. He's running in the 108th. (Villa is termed.)
  • Don Calloway was shaking a lot of hands. He's running in the 71st. (Esther Haywood is termed) His April quarter will only show a couple of 000s. A second candidate, Vernon Harlan, recently started a committee in that race.

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March 9, 2007 

Kratky to Resign? 

Word is that Fred Kratky has been offered a job as executive director of the Realtors Association. It's rumored that he will resign, and is politicking committeepeople to support his wife for the seat. Michele, Fred's wife, is a lobbyist for the same Realtors.

In other words, Fred is currently the Rep and Michele is the lobbyist. But if things go this way, Fred becomes the lobbiest, and his wife the Rep.

UPDATE: Look for John Paul Frisella as a potential challenger to Michele Kratky. 

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February 9, 2007 

Bulldoze the Ghetto? 

In response to flyers handed out at City Hall this morning warning of plans to "Bulldoze the Ghetto", Alderman Freeman Bosley, Jr., 3rd ward, said the concerns were overblown.

The anti-eminent domain groups are going, "off the chain," said Bosley. He said their actions were instigating fear among residents.

Bosley said no action to blight the land can happen without aldermanic approval and neither he, nor the other aldermen in the area have been asked.

"They are just wrong," said Bosley.

The flyers were passed out by members of Citizens for the Near Northside. Topped by the headline "Plans to 'Bulldoze the Ghetto'", the flyer includes a map sketching out a rough trapezoidal area bounded by Delmar to the south, Natural Bridge to the North, Interstate 70 to the East and North Grand to the west. The area at risk includes Bosley's 3rd ward, April Ford-Griffin's 5th Ward and the currently vacant 19th ward (soon to be occupied by Committeewoman Marlene Davis who is running unopposed).

The organization says the Blairmont Group–made up of a dizzying array of small real estate companies–is poised to reap the benefits of future development in the near north side. Northside urbanist and dedicated observer of developement, Michael Allen, has mapped out the numerous properties attributed to the group and written a history of his search on his blog.

The alleged linchpin in the effort is the future of the Pruitt-Igoe site. The 34-acre, city-owned property, is slated for future development and the St. Louis Development Corporation is expected to request proposals later this year. 

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January 8, 2007 

Blunt in Boston 

In a move likely to add fuel to the speculation about Blunt's plans for the future, the Governor is spending the day in Boston visiting Gov. Mitt Romney at the presidential-hopeful's day-long, milllion-dollar fundraiser.

Poised on the top floor of Boston's convention center, Romney's fundapalooza brought together friends and supporters from around the nation in an effort, "to form a bond with each other, and chat with the governor." Romney's team hopes to pull in $1 million from around the country, the first step in an ambitious drive to raise $50 million by June.

Some of the current speculation surrounding Gov. Blunt's future (driven mostly by his non-committal comments regarding re-election) has Blunt as a possible V.P. nominee in a Romney Presidential run.

Post-Dispatch columnist Bill McClellan lays out how Blunt could skip second-chair 2008 and go right for the center ring in 2012. Governors have had a great deal of success in rising to the land's highest office, but how does the speculation jive with Blunt's consistent–and unshakeable–low polling numbers.

McClellan is dead-on in that any potential future for the Governor will likely hinge on his handling of the Medicaid transition. President Bush made his mark in education reform, which he brought to the national level in the form of No Child Left Behind, which has received mixed-marks from educators (The NCLB's fifth anniversary was Sunday, January 8). 

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December 28, 2006 

Wonkette says Bond to leave Senate 

I doubt it, but here it is.

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December 14, 2006 

Sam Moore in 4? 

People are saying that Sam Moore will be filing against OL Shelton in the 4th.

Here's the way the vote broke down last time around (2005 Special Election):
OL Shelton 294
Peggy Ryan 152
Greg Tumlin 125
Sam Moore 222 

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December 6, 2006 

Wilson to remain Dem Party Chair 

I'd previously heard that folks thought Roger Wilson would step down as McCaskill turned her attention to DC and Nixon prepared for his 2008 gubernatorial run.

It now appears Wilson will extend his stay as Party Chair.  

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October 16, 2006 

Spence Jackson gone? 

Jo says that Ed's going to announce some changes.

Blunt also announced that his Communications Director Spence Jackson has accepted the position of Deputy Director of the Department of Economic Development for Communications and Community Development. Jackson, 35, of Jefferson City, has served as Blunt’s spokesman since the governor took office in January 2005 and held the same position while Blunt was Secretary of State.

Brian Hauswirth will serve as interim Communications Director. Hauswirth currently works as the Communications Director for the Missouri Department of Corrections and previously worked at St. Louis radio station KTRS and Jefferson City radio station KLIK.

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June 29, 2006 

Yaphett polling 

Heard from two folks that Yaphett El-Amin is polling in the 4th.

They believe that it's hers because during the candidate bios, hers is the only one without anything negative. Negatives mentioned: for Amber Boykins was the high % of votes she missed as a rep.; for Jeff Smith was his putting the wrong address down on his filing form.

Take this with a grain of salt, this is like a game of telephone after all. 

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May 26, 2006 

Harris on the way out? 

A GOP source tells ACC that James Harris, the governor's director of political appointments, will be resigning. The source says to look for it soon and believes that Harris will join Patek and Associates.

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May 25, 2006 

Bauer Sightings 

One 24th ward politico tells ACC that former alderman Tom Bauer is starting to make the rounds again at neighborhood meetings. He’s been spotted at Hi-Pointe, Franz Park and Clayton Tamm nabe meetings in recent weeks. 

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March 10, 2006 

#6 in the 4th? 

Keep hearing that folks are expecting to see at least another entrant into the 4th Senate race.

Any guesses? 

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February 28, 2006 

Shocking, if true. 

Reliable third-hand sources say: Kenny Jones, who led a recall that is the subject of grand jury investigation, will file today for the 4th State Senate. 

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February 24, 2006 

Steelman rumors again 

Hear she's making calls.

Over at FiredUp, they point out that her website is under construction with the promise of a new website soon. 

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January 11, 2006 

Coleman's Quarter 

Word on the street has the Coleman quarter looking weak - certainly in some part because of her late start. Still if the whisper number - around $30,000 - is true, her bid is in trouble.

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January 3, 2006 

PD exodus afoot? 

Rumored to be leaving the Post-Dispatch:

Photographer Andrew Cutraro and Fashion Editor Lisa Jones Townsel.

If true, then this could be the beginning of a post-Lee-purchase "exodus."

Update: Add two more names to the list: A&E Editor Cliff Froehlich, who will be returning to his post as executive director of the St. Louis International Film Festival. And Business reporter Shera Dalin, who is going to into teaching. 

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December 8, 2005 

Sharon Carpenter to run for re-election in August 

Sources say. 

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November 23, 2005 

Boyd recall signatures turned in. 

22nd ward latest to join recallmania. 

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November 3, 2005 

Coleman in, finally? 

An email tipster says that Senator Coleman has hired a Chicago-based fund raiser. Says that Coleman, who is out of country now, will announce soon after her return.

We'll see. 

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October 31, 2005 

Zimmerman to run for State Rep. 

Anonymous tip, plus a few phone calls and I feel pretty good passing on this rumor: Jake Zimmerman will be dropping out of the 5th District County Council race and running for Barbara Fraser's rep seat - 83rd District.

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September 22, 2005 

Hardin about to lay a Recall fight on Bosley? 

Political Eye says that there's a movement afoot in the 3rd ward.

I spoke to an alderman this morning who heard that Jeff Hardin (who nearly knocked off the Boz in March) is behind the effort and has all the signatures he needs.

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September 8, 2005 

Nations for the 7th District 

John Nations, mayor of Chesterfield, once thought to be a possible Republican candidate for county executive now appears to be pondering a run for the 7th Senate Seat, currently held by John Loudon who is running for Auditor. 

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August 24, 2005 

Weddell in the 94th? 

Scott Weddell, brother-in-law of Senator Mike Gibbons, has popped up on the Democratic radar screen as the possible Republican nominee in 94th. 

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