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For Immediate Release

March 29, 2007

DNA Test To Free Wrongly Convicted Man

(ST. LOUIS, MO; March 29, 2007) - DNA tests prove that Antonio Beaver did not commit a violent carjacking near the Gateway Arch in St. Louis for which he was convicted in 1997 and sentenced to 18 years in prison, the Innocence Project said today.

Thursday morning, March 29, the Innocence Project and the St. Louis Circuit Attorney's Office will file a joint motion to vacate and dismiss Beaver's conviction and release him from police custody immediately. Beaver will appear in court with Nina Morrison, his Innocence Project attorney, along with co-counsel Maleaner Harvey and Scott Thompson of the Missouri State Public Defender's Office. The Innocence Project anticipates that Beaver will be released at the conclusion of the hearing. Beaver, Morrison and representatives of the Circuit Attorney's Office will speak to reporters following the hearing.

Beaver's exoneration comes a decade after he was convicted of first-degree robbery - and more than five years after he began seeking DNA testing to prove his innocence.

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March 28, 2007

McMillan Scholarships

Mike McMillan, License Collector of the City of St. Louis, has awarded three scholarships to Harris-StoweStateUniversitystudents in collaboration with the Collegiate 100. Scholarship recipients were chosen based on their academic excellence and community service.

"The Collegiate 100 plays a critical role in the development of future leaders in our city and the region," said McMillan. "These awards offer an opportunity for advanced training and study at the Harris-Stowe campus as well as an opportunity to intern at the License Collector's office. There are many opportunities for professionals interested in public service, and we are happy to help these local students prepare for their careers."

The Collegiate 100 is an auxiliary organization of the 100 Black Men of America, Inc. It is comprised of African American male and female college students on university campuses across the country. The purpose of the Collegiate 100 is to implement the mentoring and tutoring programs of the national organization. The collegiate members assist the parent organization with the development of the social, emotional, educational, and physical needs of black youth who have few positive role models in the communities where they live.

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March 22, 2007

Comptroller's Statement on SLPS Takeover

ST. LOUIS, March 22, 2007—“It’s difficult for me to be optimistic about any drastic change in district governance without a clear plan for success. I am optimistic, however, about the ability of our young people to overcome all the obstacles adults keep putting between them and a bright future.

“Without an academic improvement plan with clear goals and benchmarks in place, we are left in the dark on what the appointed board will do to improve student academic outcomes.”

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UrbanFUTURE announces YOP allocation

Frank Van Bree, executive director of UrbanFUTURE, announced that his organization has secured $213,740 in Missouri state tax credits for any donation that supports his organization.

Urban Future will use the Youth Opportunities Program tax credits for its One on One INSPIRE program at Fanning Middle School in St. Louis. The INSPIRE program is one of St. Louis' most effective reading, character development and behavior planning programs. A recent independent audit showed that 6th grade students who enter the program reading at a 2nd grade level (the average for St. Louis public school students), can increase their reading comprehension by three years after one year in INSPIRE.

The Youth Opportunities Program provides state tax credits to organizations administering positive youth development or crime prevention projects.

For more information about UrbanFUTURE and its mentoring program, INSPIRE, please call 314.776.3434.

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March 07, 2007

Coleman Requests Info on Blunt's Depts.

Wanting to root out any other "Fred Ferrells" or sexual harassment cover ups, Senator Maida Coleman issued 16 "Sunshine Act" requests this week to the Governor's executive departments requesting documents detailing litigation or monies paid that have been used to resolve disputes between a state department and an employee.

"In light of the recent events at the Department of Agriculture and the subsequent cover up by the Governor, the people of Missouri need to be reassured that the Fred Ferrell affair is a unique event," Coleman said. "I have sent a 'Sunshine Act' letter to each of the Governor's state departments requesting information about litigation or monies paid to resolve any employer-employee disputes. Clearly, there is a veil of secrecy that has no business in an open and honest democracy. I'm sure the Governor doesn't like it, but this veil is going to be lifted."

According to Chapter 610 of the Revised Statutes of Missouri, commonly referred to as the "Sunshine Act," state agencies are required to share documents that are not part of any on-going litigation when requested by anyone. When a "Sunshine Act" request is received, state agencies have three business days to respond to the request.

More specifically, Senator Coleman has requested documents pertaining to any legal actions or litigation that have dealt with sexual harassment, employment discrimination, violations of the federal Qui Tam Act, workers' compensation retaliation, and retaliation for an employee reporting a violation of federal or state law or policy. The letters were issued on Tuesday, March 6, 2007.

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February 07, 2007

Senate Committee Guts MOHELA

Senator Coleman's Press Release:

For immediate release Contact: Chuck Miller
February 7, 2007

Coleman: Senate Republicans Practice Politics of Prejudice on MOHELA bill

JEFFERSON CITY - Saying today's committee vote was nothing more than
the politics of prejudice, Senator Maida Coleman, D-St. Louis, blasted
Senate Republicans for stripping college building projects from the
state's metropolitan areas and Columbia while only supporting projects
in rural, Republican-represented districts in a bill heard in the
Senate Education Committee.

Senate Bill 389, a Republican-sponsored measure, originally called for
the sale of $350 million of MOHELA assets to fund college building
projects around Missouri. During an executive committee hearing
today, Senate Republicans eliminated some college building projects
listed in the bill that were to be built on campuses in St. Louis,
Kansas City, and Columbia, areas represented by Democrats. College
building projects in Republican-represented areas were protected.

"What the Republicans did today was not only political but it smacks
of prejudice," said Senator Coleman. "Voters in the last election
sent a clear message that they want Democrats and Republicans to work
together. The Republicans slapped Missouri voters in the face today
while snubbing students in St. Louis, Kansas City, and Columbia. I am
sickened by this blatant disregard for the people of Missouri."

About $113 million in construction projects were eliminated from
Senate Bill 389. Thos projects include Harris-Stowe State
University's CORTEX Accelerator Facility; the Business Incubator
projects at Mizzou and UMKC; the Health Sciences centers at Mizzou and
UMKC; and the Center for Emerging Technologies II at UMSL.
Construction projects that were protected included the Business
Incubators in Springfield and Cape Girardeau.

"Eliminating business incubators at Mizzou and UMKC while protecting
the one in Springfield and Cape Girardeau is the worst kind of
partisan, prejudicial politics," Senator Coleman said, "and there is
absolutely no other reason for it. Republicans exhibited contempt for
higher education and economic development today by catering to some
ultra fringe groups who oppose any research freedoms on Democratic
higher-education campuses."


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Page files legislation to require HPV vaccine

February 7, 2007
Phone: 573-751-9762

Representative Sam Page leads fight against Cervical Cancer

Jefferson City - Today Representative Sam Page, a medical doctor from Creve
Coeur, Missouri, filed HB 802, legislation to help stop cervical cancer in
women. The legislation would specifically require middle-school aged girls to
receive the human papillomavirus (HPV) vaccine, the first of its kind to
build immunity against strains of HPV, which lead to at least 70 percent of the
approximately 10,000 cervical cancer cases in the United States annually.

?This is an opportunity to prevent cancer in women? said Page, ?That isn?t
an opportunity we have had very often, and we must take advantage of it.?

The vaccine was approved by the federal government in July 2006. Last
Friday Texas became the first state to require the vaccine, and at least 17
states are debating similar legislation.

Under Page?s legislation, parents would be allowed to opt their daughters
out for medical or religious, as they can do now for other required vaccines.

Facts about cervical cancer and the vaccine:

* The vaccine blocks infection by common strains of human
papillomavirus (HPV) which also causes genital warts, and is the most common sexually
transmitted disease in the country.
* The American Cancer Society estimates there were 9,710 new cases of
cervical cancer in the United States in 2006 and the Food and Drug
Administration reports it kills about 3,700 Americans a year.
* Worldwide, cervical cancer is the No. 2 cancer in women, causing
over 470,000 new cases and 233,000 deaths a year.
* In Missouri, the 1996-2000 Surveillance, Epidemiology and End
Results (SEER) program reports that the incidence rate of cervical cancer in
African-American women in Missouri (15.7 per 100,000) is nearly double the rate for
white women (9.8 per 100,000). Death rates from the same SEER program report
among African-American women (5.7 per 100,000) are more than two times
higher than among white women (2.5 per 100,000).
* The vaccine is only effective if administered before infection; the
Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) recommends the vaccination
for females ages 11 to 26.
* The vaccine is not effective in men, who can get cancer from other
strains of HPV.


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February 02, 2007

Reed wins 28 - Has Support of Most Aldermen

February 1, 2007

Majority of Aldermen Support Reed

(St. Louis, MO)--With tonight's addition of Alderwoman Lyda Krewson and the 28th Ward Organization to the Reed team, it became official that most of the city's aldermen want a change in leadership at the Board of Aldermen.

Krewson joins alderpersons from 14 other wards in supporting Lewis Reed as the new President of the Board of Aldermen.

Wards currently supporting Lewis Reed for President of the Board:

Ward 1 Charles Quincy Troupe
Ward 2 Dionne Flowers
Ward 3 Freeman M. Bosley, Sr.
Ward 4 O.L. Shelton
Ward 5 April Ford-Griffin
Ward 6 Lewis E. Reed
Ward 14 Stephen Gregali
Ward 15 Jennifer Florida
Ward 18 Terry Kennedy
Ward 19 Mike McMillan/Marlene Davis
Ward 22 Jeffrey Boyd
Ward 23 Kathleen Hanrahan
Ward 26 Frank Williamson
Ward 27 Gregory Carter
Ward 28 Lyda Krewson

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January 28, 2007

Haas out of School Board race

His release:

Through a quirk of sorts in the law, the last day for getting off the ballot for school board without a court order, was January 17th or so, the day after filing closed and the ballot was certified. Schoolboard elections are governed by state law, munciple elections, city charter and ordinances, so last day to get off primary ballot was January 25th.
Ballots for General Election wont be printed until March 7th, day after the Primary.

In any case:
1. I thought I deserved the union's endorsement from my 8 years on the Board, having earned my chops, if that's the right phrase: GLBT rights Resolution and Sex and Health Education Resolution that passed, leading the fight against the taking of Waring School (for which Roberti sued me in a SLAPP/crap suit that was ulitmately dropped which no media reported), leading the settlement in 2005 of the teacher negotiations, the 9th Grade Initiative I initiated which earned us provisional instead of unaccredited in our accreditation review, suing Jennifer Joyce when she and the police wouldnt do anything about Vince Schoemehl's alleged assaults against board member (Amy, Veronica and I; personally, I think Amy or Veronica could have taken him; not sure about me), standing up to Bill Roberti, admittedly in too feisty a fashion at times, and so forth.

2. The union has never endorsed me for school board, the four times I've filed! (withdrew in 2006 for the good of the team), tho supported me for state rep last year, which meant a lot to me (I'm sure it had something to do with my friend, the voucher dog, I was running against).

3. When I asked them this time why they didnt endorse me (I was told the selections were made before the endorsement interviews - which I was sort of late for since I forgot while out campaigning for Alderman - which I take no offense at), after all the good I had done, I wont judge (which I say right before I judge), but one fool said to me , "we consider those things to be in the past". Duh, it's hard to run on things you did in the future. Plus it wasnt like they were done back in the 19th century!

4. In any case, I think the case can be made that I would have had as good a chance as the union endorsed candidates to beat the Slay dogs in a multi-candidate race, because of my favorable name recognition from my years on the schoolboard and other campaigns,
and I was tempted to stay in the race just to show them that and teach the union a lesson about the strength of my candidacy and the consequences of the ungratefulness of not going home from the dance with the one that brung you;
but I didnt want to take the chance that I was wrong, and it certainly may be true that the union-endorsed candidates would have a better chance with me out of the race, so once again (like 2006) I did the honorable and unselfish thing and have withdrawn from the schoolboard race; I'm pretty sure I dont have an obligation to withdraw from every schoolboard race the rest of my life where the union doesnt endorse me, but this election certainly is critical to the future of the district, as the Board needs 2 more votes to insure that it will decide to sue the state to block the unlawful and counterproductive (to education of our children) planned takeover of the stlouis schools.

5.Finally (more or less, sort of), I call upon the other candidates in the race who oppose a state takeover to join me in withdrawing from the race and supporting Jackson/Wessling. Dont be like that horse's butt (whose name I know but wont say) who stayed in the last election, got less than 10% of the vote, I believe, was a distant 5th and almost cost Downs and Jones their election.
You dont have, in my opinion, a rat's ass chance of winning, so if you really wish to help the kids, do the unselfish thing. If not, maybe you support a state takeover, or at least your actions belie your words.

6. Finally, as I say above, the time for actually getting off the ballot without a court order has passed. But such an order show be easy to obtain for cause, which we (other candidates) have. It shouldnt be expensive, especially if we join together. Even if we cant get off the ballot, just saying we're withdrawing and supporting Jackson/Wessling and stopping campaigning, will do lots of good.
Actually, the only one who has a chance to get off the ballot without a court order is me (I), as when I win my Alderman primary, I have to choose between the two offices to be on the ballot for in April, and of course will choose Alderman and then the election board will automatically remove me for schoolboard.

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January 23, 2007

McCaskill Presponds to SotU

Her presponse.

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January 19, 2007

Press Releases

Show Me Institute's press conference next week will explain how to eliminate the city's earning tax.

Darlene Green issues statement on BJC Deal:
"The comptroller believes people on both sides of this issue have strong points. On one side are the citizens and taxpayers who want to protect their parks and have a say in plans to develop park land. On the other side is the city's largest medical facility that serves thousands of disadvantaged residents each year and is an economic engine for the community.

"The comptroller intends to move forward in an effort to bridge the gap on these two very valid viewpoints and hopefully reach a compromise solution. She is working now to hold meetings beginning next week with both sides that focus on common ground and building consensus instead of rehashing differences. This issue is too important to our community on a number of levels for us to settle for anything less than a mutual agreement.

"The comptroller is reserving comment on the new lease plan revealed today until after these meetings and, hopefully, a compromise is reached."

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January 11, 2007

Carnahan Statement on "Surge"

Americans want a more clearly defined mission.

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January 10, 2007

McCaskill Opposes More Troops

Sectarian conflict makes it impossible for our troops to be anything other than target practice.

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Shrewsbury Video

Up on his website.

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Dollars for Development

Candidate Patrick Cacchione donates $100 toward study to attract grocer to Jefferson's empty Foodland.

Here's the press release

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January 02, 2007

South Grand adds Guides

South Grand Community Improvement District has formed collaboration with the Downtown St. Louis Partnership to bring a new addition to South Grand Blvd, the South Grand Guides Team, beginning January 2, 2007. These individuals will be in red and black uniforms. The duties of the South Grand Guides are uniformed sidewalk greeters and guides travel on foot to provide information, hospitality and a warm, friendly environment to those who live, work, shop, play and visit the South Grand area. The street greeters are also trained as "additional eyes and ears" for the 3rd District Police Department.

In addition to greeting visitors, the South Grand Guides answer questions, give directions, assist customers and report cleaning problems to Operation Brightside and the Neighborhood Stabilization Officer. They are also equipped with a radio to allow them to report suspicious activities to their dispatcher and - if need be - to the police. They offer suggestions on dining and shopping and assist in making South Grand a more fun and enjoyable place to visit and work! They can serve as an escort for an employee of the South Grand area who might be working late and may need to get to their car. The South Grand Guides are trained to be at the beck and call of those in need.

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December 29, 2006

Statements about Special Advisory Committee

Statement from State Senator Maida Coleman and State Senator-elect Jeff Smith regarding the report of the Special Advisory Committee and public input:

We greatly appreciate the work of the Special Advisory Council, especially their efforts to gage the opinions of a cross-section of the community.

Public input will be essential to forming a consensus about the direction of our schools in the important weeks and months ahead.

We hope that citizens, teachers, administrators, and civic leaders will continue making their voices heard and unite around a common interest: the welfare of our children. We can all agree that we must put any political bickering aside and move forward.

Ultimately, we all want the same thing, which is for our children to have a safe environment to gain a quality education. To help achieve this goal, the public should feel it has been involved in the process.


Comptroller Green Supports Call
For Public Hearing On SLPS Report

ST. LOUIS, Dec. 29, 2006—The following is a statement from St. Louis Comptroller Darlene Green:

“I support the community’s call for the State Department of Education to conduct a public hearing on the St. Louis public schools report.

“With the School Board election just three months away, the state and the committee should consider that a change in board members may be all it takes to end the turmoil. A state takeover, on the other hand, could result in a continuation of the political controversy instead of focusing efforts on what’s best for the children.

“Any of the committee’s recommendations, short of a takeover, need broad public support to be successful. A public hearing on the issue here in St. Louis would go a long way towards doing just that.”

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December 27, 2006

Smith Says No

For Immediate Release
Press Contact:

December 27, 2006
Stacy Morse (573) 673-6654

*Senator-Elect Jeff Smith's Statement on Gubernatorial Appointee Donayle

ST. LOUIS -- Donayle Whitmore-Smith is a leader of courage and action. She
has dedicated the last decade of her life to improving urban education by
founding the Ptah Academy in St. Louis and attempting to provide additional
educational options to children across the state. As an educator, an
activist, and a parent, she has much to be proud of.

That said, she is not an appropriate candidate for the State Board of

The State Board is the steward for Missouri's public schools. As such, its
members should possess a breadth and depth of experience in public education
and/or a background as strong advocates for public schools. Given Ms.
Whitmore-Smith's lack of experience as a public school teacher,
administrator, or advocate – and the fact that she has spent much of her
adult life promoting private educational options – I am concerned about her
ability to focus on improving our public schools. At a time when the St.
Louis Public Schools are on the verge of losing accreditation and falling
under the purview of the State, all members of the State Board must
concentrate on the task at hand.

Equally troubling was Ms. Whitmore-Smith's noncommittal response to my
question about the relative merits of teaching creation vs. evolution in
public school science classes. In order to train a workforce that will help
Missouri become a biotechnology hub, our schools must teach modern science
and ensure that religious doctrine remains in appropriate venues.

It should be noted, as the co-founder of a group of public charter schools,
I have advocated some of the very alternative educational options that Ms.
Whitmore-Smith has supported. I neither retract my advocacy nor disparage
hers. In fact, I appreciate her energy and her work. While I have not always
agreed with Ms. Whitmore-Smith's policy prescriptions, she has been a
passionate advocate for her cause and fresh voices like hers should be

I have truly appreciated the input of thousands of Missourians while
evaluating this nominee. Lamentably, however, some on both sides have
succumbed to histrionics and demagoguery. Ms. Whitmore-Smith is not out to
eviscerate public education; conversely, voucher opponents are not out to
trap poor children in failing schools. And the abysmal outcomes of St. Louis
public schools are not solely the result of bureaucratic dysfunction but,
more broadly, the consequence of decades of segregation, benign neglect, and
middle-class flight.

For the sake of our children and our state's economic future, we must move
past petty political bickering to come together and find practical solutions
to these problems. That means considering open enrollment policies so that
children can choose any public school in a district, lateral certification
opportunities for trained scientists, mathematicians, and linguists to ease
the shortages of qualified teachers in their subject areas, continuation of
St. Louis's voluntary transfer program, and expansion of innovative charter
schools [such as the Knowledge is Power (KIPP) model] that provide increased
choice within the public school framework while remaining accountable to the
State Board.

Finally, I wish Ms. Whitmore-Smith the very best in her future endeavors. I
hope we have opportunities to find common ground and work together on some
of the above initiatives. And I hope that, in keeping with tradition and the
historical mission of the State Board, Governor Blunt's future nominees have
more extensive experience in public education.

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December 26, 2006

McCaskill Hires Chief of Staff

December 26, 2006

McCaskill Hires Veteran Gephardt Policy Director As Chief of Staff

Washington, D.C. - Senator-elect Claire McCaskill today announced the appointment of Sean Kennedy as her Chief of Staff. Kennedy, 36, joins the McCaskill office after a two-year stint at the government relations office of SBC Communications (now AT&T). Prior to that, Kennedy worked as Legislative Director/Counsel to House Minority Leader Richard Gephardt.

Kennedy is a graduate of Emory University, and received his Juris Doctor from
Catholic University.

McCaskill also hired several staff members from the campaign to work in Washington. Senior staff members moving to the Senate office in Washington include Deputy Campaign Manager Tod Martin of St. Louis, Missouri, who will serve as the Deputy Chief of Staff, as well as Communications Director Adrianne Marsh and Scheduler Angela Elsbury of Madison, Missouri.

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December 12, 2006

Green says No to St. Louis Centre TIF

Development policy loophole must be closed

The Office of the Comptroller has had a Tax Increment Financing (TIF) policy in place since 1999. The office uses it to evaluate prospective TIF projects and has had it adopted by the TIF commission.

The need for such a policy was obvious after the bad TIF deal made by the Schoemehl administration—the St. Louis Marketplace on Manchester which today and through 2011 costs the city’s general fund over $1 million per year—and the impending growth in redevelopment throughout the city.

The city now has some 85 TIF projects and none of them pledge the city’s credit or moral obligation to repay the debt.

The TIF policy has been to use only the taxes generated by the substantially completed projects as a benefit for the developer. That way the developer has the risk to complete the project not the city’s taxpayers.

However, the city is being asked to offer its credit to assist a developer to purchase a building as part of a redevelopment project downtown. The project is the St. Louis Center mall and the building is the One City Centre office building. The developer is John Steffen of Pyramid.

The building, One City Centre, was purchased for about $17 million 5 years ago. Today, the seller wants $37 million of which the city is being asked for upfront TIF funding of $14 million using its full faith and credit.

This moral obligation of the city will place a debt on our books with no equivalent asset. No matter how the deal is structured, it is ultimately backed by the taxpayers as lenders of last resort. Certainly if there is any default the city will be forced to pay its obligation just to maintain its credit rating. This transaction could cause the city to pay $1.2 million per year for up to 23 years.

As the Comptroller of the city of St. Louis, I’m charged with protecting the credit of the city and being a watchdog over taxpayer dollars. The credit of the city is the foundation on which the city’s financial future rests. The city’s strategic planning regarding its financial future must involve policies that safeguard the city’s assets and not place undo liability on the city’s credit capacity. The ability of the city to be successful in maintaining a strong financial position for many years to come lies in public officials’ willingness to act quickly to correct weaknesses in its processes.

This proposed development in downtown St. Louis—One City Centre—is important for the continued revitalization of downtown and I support it. I support the development, the jobs and the economic opportunities that it promises. John Steffen understands minority participation and has been at the forefront of inclusion on all of his development projects. It’s hard to vote against this development proposal, but I must, to protect the taxpayers from speculators who are not good developers like Pyramid.

There is no law protecting the city from speculators or these kinds of bad deals unless you consider condemnation law that is being used widely against hardworking homeowners, small businesses and not for profits. There is no law protecting taxpayers from the city offering up its credit backing to developers. I think it is time to stop and take steps to protect the taxpayers from these kinds of bad deals in the future.

If the TIF policy we follow was law and not just policy, it would close the door to bad deals such as this one. The absence of an ordinance is the reason we have this bad deal before us today. I recommend that we move quickly to close this loophole.

Darlene Green

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December 09, 2006

Willis In

“H. Lee Willis Files in Race for 26th Ward Alderman”

December 8, 2006 – St. Louis, MO:

H. Lee Willis, raised in St. Louis’ 26th Ward, has entered the race to serve as that ward’s next alderman. Willis has a long history of service in the ward. He is a co-chair of the Concerned Citizens’ United Neighborhood Association, a consultant for the Father Support Council, and the founder of “Elder Care Services,” a group that brings personal care services to the homes of the elderly.
The race will focus on the future of the 26th Ward, one of the more diverse wards in St. Louis’ West End. Willis hopes to reach out to all residents of the ward through an aggressive door-to-door campaign, “Our residents want the basics, like help with home repair, accessible and responsive leadership, and a beautiful, safe neighborhood in which to live. I pledge to make myself available to every voter throughout the course of this campaign in order to share my goals for the 26th Ward,” said Willis.
The primary election is March 6. For further information, contact David Zucker at [email protected] or (508) 654-1027.

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December 08, 2006

Tax Credits for Storm Victims

Nasheed plans to file a bill creating tax credits to offset losses of those who suffered during the recent storm. The press release

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November 27, 2006

Schmid draws challenge

For Immediate Release November 27, 2006

Gondolfi Declares Candidacy for 20th Ward Alderman

Campaign trumpets "participatory politics"

(St. Louis) – Community activist Galen Gondolfi is entering the race for alderman of the 20th Ward. Filing Monday at the St. Louis Board of Elections, Gondolfi made official his intention of seeking the post in the March 6, 2007 primary election.

Gondolfi's platform prioritizes affordable housing preservation, small business
development and resident participation as critical issues facing the ward. As former president of the Benton Park West Neighborhood Association, Gondolfi is a seasoned community activist with an emphasis on "participatory politics." A Senior Loan Counselor with the local non-profit Justine Petersen Housing and Reinvestment Corporation, Gondolfi links first-time home owners and small business people with local, state and federal resources.

"The ward's greatest assets are its residents," declares Gondolfi. "We need an
alderperson who not only listens to our residents, but acts on their behalf."

Gondolfi's campaign committee is co-chaired by Glenn Burleigh and Lizzie
Kucharski, with Amber Dover serving as treasurer. The 20th Ward includes, in part, the neighborhoods of Gravois Park, Dutchtown, Marine Villa and Benton Park West.

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November 22, 2006

Haas, Willis set to challenge

For Immediate Release:
Contact: Scott Leiendecker

November 22, 2006
Work 314.589.6211

Cell 314.398.5060

City Candidate Filing Opens Monday

(St. Louis, Mo) - Candidates seeking their party's nomination for
President of the Board of Alderman and the position of Alderman/woman in
the even-numbered wards in the City of St. Louis may begin filing
Declarations of Nomination at 8:00 A.M. on Monday, November 27, 2006, at
the office of the Board of Election Commissioners for the City of St.
Louis, 300 North Tucker Blvd. These offices will be voted on at the
Municipal Primary Election to be held on Tuesday, March 6, 2007.

Several candidates have had representatives holding a place for them in
line at the Election Board for several weeks.

These include:

James Shrewsbury, a candidate for President of the Board of Aldermen

Jeffrey Boyd, a candidate for Alderman, Ward 22

Dionne Flowers, a candidate for Alderman, Ward 2

Kacie Triplett, a candidate for Alderman, Ward 6

Other candidates who took a place in line today include:

Patrick Cacchione, a candidate for Alderman, Ward 6

Bill Haas, a candidate for Alderman, Ward 18

Donna Barringer, a candidate for Alderman, Ward 16

Frank Williamson, a candidate for Alderman, Ward 26

Stephen Gregali, a candidate for Alderman, Ward 14

Lyda Krewson, a candidate for Alderman, Ward 28

Joseph Vollmer, a candidate for Alderman, Ward 10

William Waterhouse, a candidate for Alderman, Ward 24

Terry Kennedy, a candidate for Alderman, Ward 18

Stephen Conway, a candidate for Alderman, Ward 8

Lee Willis, a candidate for Alderman, Ward 26

Filing for these offices closes at 5:00 P.M. on Friday, January 5, 2007.


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November 20, 2006

Saller's Official Announcement

for 6th ward alderman

Tower Grove East neighborhood resident and Board member Christian Saller has declared his candidacy for alderman in the City's 6th Ward. Mr. Saller has resigned his position with the St. Louis Development Corporation, which he has held for 10 years, working closely with the Board of Aldermen, numerous City departments and agencies as well as large and small developers all over the City, in order to campaign. As alderman, he will not seek additional employment but will devote his attention exclusively to the progress of the 6th Ward and the needs of its residents. He believes that the job of delivering optimal service to the constituency and ensuring economic development in all of the 6th Ward's neighborhoods requires nothing less than full-time dedication.

He will be accessible to Ward residents every day and will personally return every telephone call within 24 hours. The many responsibilities of an effective alderman all begin with engagement and advocacy. Those are the guiding principles of Mr. Saller's approach to this crucial role. Questions and comments are welcome and may be directed to Mr. Saller at [email protected] or via telephone at 314-402-9295.

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November 13, 2006

Lou Reed Announces

Lewis Reed Announces Campaign To Run For City Aldermanic President In the March 6, Democratic Primary

Mike McMillan and Beverly Buchheit-Named Co-Chairs

"Re-Building One St. Louis"

Lewis Reed, a long-time resident of the Compton Heights neighborhood and alderman of the 6th ward officially announced today is intentions to run in the March 6, Democratic Primary as Aldermanic President. Reed is nearing his eighth year as an alderman, representing parts of the downtown business and loft district, including parts of residential Southside.

In making his announcement Reed said, "It's time to make a change as to who is should be seated in the next four years in the Aldermanic President's chair. The economic growth of our city indicates that a successful team approach works better in the re-building of one St. Louis. The next Aldermanic President must represent all of the people and all of the interests which will help lay a deep structural foundation that we and our kids can build on. St. Louis is a great City, and it has many challenges. However, we must deal with those challenges in a progressive, professional and constructive manner. The days of old-fashion politics is hurtful to the growth of the city. We must also include diversity of thought in the fiscal viability and quality of life which face us daily. I believe my candidacy brings a sense of pride, value and business acumen to the Aldermanic Presidency's office."

As the campaign moves forward with its fundraising efforts, Reed said that he and supporters are planning various community-outreach initiatives, city-wide. This will give the average citizen a chance to provide input, as well as volunteer for the campaign. The Reed for Aldermanic President Committee also will soon request that those planning to run for the seat sign, a Conduct Code of Ethics commitment. The commitment will keep the campaigns strictly on issues relevant to the individuals' respective platforms and political records and they would avoid personal attacks, etc.

"The recent response from the public to the general election clearly indicated what happens when negative campaigning occurs in political leadership," Reed said.

The Lewis Reed for Aldermanic President Committee also announced the appointment of Alderman Mike McMillan, license collector-elect and 6th ward committeewoman Beverly Buchheit, as co-chairs of this democratic campaign.

"This Aldermanic position is more critical than ever as we rebuild this City," said 15th Ward Alderwoman Jennifer Florida, who is endorsing Reed's candidacy. "It has to be one St. Louis, coming together and colleague Reed has demonstrated the vision and leadership to move us forward."

Reed is a strong proponent of jobs, reinvestment and rebuilding. He continues to work in his district with some area developers to expand the housing market, adding jobs, hundreds of new housing units throughout the 6th ward and millions of dollars, including the expansion of an ever-expanding business district --- new retail shops and restaurants.

"I've had the opportunity of working with Alderman Reed, and witnessed his tenacious drive to help move St. Louis forward," said Alderwoman Dionne Flowers, who is also endorsing Reed's candidacy. "His endless energy is readily accepted by many of his ward constitutes, colleagues, and others who have city-wide interests."

Lewis Reed, is a native of Joliet, Illinois and majored in Mathematics and Computer Science at Southern Illinois University. Reed, who believes in giving back to the community, served as the chairman of the St. Louis Port Authority. Reed gained experience in overseeing riverfront property lease agreements, and riverboat gaming tax revenues. As a member of the board of directors of the St. Louis Development Corporation, Reed was able to aid in strengthening the city's business development and minority business certification compliances. When Reed served as vice-chair of the Aldermanic Ways & Means committee he was able to provide input into the City's $700 million annual budget. As a member of the Aldermanic Public Utilities committee, Reed sponsored a very expansive technology bill.

Alderman Reed drafted and helped pass into law a Technology Bill, reorganizing all St. Louis City technology departments, decreasing cost and increasing efficiency. He also sponsored and aided in the passage of the first Community Improvement District (CID) in St. Louis with assessed properties value of over $334 million and raising millions of dollars for numerous initiatives to rebuild and market downtown. Reed drafted and worked on the successful passage of the City's first neighborhood based TIF in raising almost $8 million to support neighborhood development plans. A strong proponent of promoting good health and supporter of the City's scenic attributes, along with five other Alderpersons, Reed aided in co-founding, "Bike St. Louis," which received over $1.1 million in grants. "Bike St. Louis," establish Bike routes connecting Forest Park to the Riverfront and various other parks and points of interests throughout the city.

Reed considered by many of his colleagues as soft-spoken, but focused and effective used his business acumen when addressing agenda items as a board member of Downtown Now and Downtown Partnership.

Reed, also served as a member of the Regional Justice Information Systems (REGIS) board of directors. He served as vice president of the 6th Ward Democratic organization.

Prior to being elected an alderman, he worked as the director of networks and telecommunications for the Edison Brothers Stores worldwide operations. Reed managed staff and renegotiated multi-million dollar worldwide contracts reducing cost and increasing production Also Reed served as the manager of data networks for SSM Health Businesses, a billion dollar plus, health care organization, consisting of 24 acute care facilities and over a 100 physicians clinics Reed developed technology solutions to meet business goals. These technology solutions were regularly covered in the local print press, and trade marketing publications.

The Lewis Reed for Aldermanic President Committee was recently formed and a this past weekend it opened its campaign headquarters, at 415 North Tucker.

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September 13, 2006

KWMU Jeff City Bureau

KWMU has received funding totaling to establish a public radio statehouse bureau in Jefferson City.

KWMU will establish a full-time, year-round news bureau, staffed with a full-time producer/reporter at the Missouri statehouse in Jefferson City. The reporter will provide public radio stations in the state news reports, in-depth features and other coverage from the legislative sessions. The reporter also will provide year-round daily and weekly coverage of governmental department issues; agency activities (e.g. Education, Transportation, Conservation); lawmakers' events; and, ancillary activities in Jefferson City.

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September 08, 2006


Sandra Thomas press release criticizes Montee for "breaking the law" by missing filing dates.

But if you download the file (below) and click on "Properties", the press release appears to have been written on a State computer by Daryl Duwe, aide to Senator David Klindt.

And that's a BIG No No.

Sandra Thomas press release (Via Combest)

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August 28, 2006

Essay contest

Black, White & Read All Over, the neighborhood newspaper of Lafayette Square, announces an essay contest for young people. Entries for two age categories, 10-11 and 12-13, will be judged separately. The winner of each group will receive a $50 cash prize.

Essay topic for the 10 -11 year olds is "How do you feel on the first day of school each year?" Topic for the 12 - 13 age group is "Are we alone in the universe?" Entries will be a minimum of 250 words and a maximum of 400. Essays will be submitted as hard copy, lines double-spaced, and sent via mail to Expository Writing Contest P.O. Box 4932 St. Louis, MO 63108. Contestants should identify themselves by full first name and first initial of surname e.g. Sarah G. or Dennis K. Please indicate your age and provide a phone number where you may be reached.

Entries will be judged on clarity of thought, ability to construct a concrete sentence, usage of grammar and punctuation. Judges are Wm. Stage, columnist with the St. Charles County Business Record; Margaret Stage, a 6th grader at St. Michael the Archangel school; and Jean Steck, mother of four and Executive Director of the Wellness Community. Deadline for entries is October 12, 2006.

Winning entries will see print in the November edition of Black White & Read All Over.

Note: Do not write what you may think we want to hear; there is no unpopular stance on these topics. And please, no adult help with your essay.

Black White & Read All Over – News – Views – Satire -- is a free publication published monthly and distributed solely in Lafayette Square, St. Louis, MO.

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August 16, 2006

Here we go again

For more information contact:
Mark Bretz, Bretz Public Relations
314-838-9371 or [email protected] For Immediate Release:


ST. LOUIS, August 16, 2006 -- A plan for the Olivette City Council to adopt the use of eminent domain to forcibly take the property of several Olivette residents could be voted on at the Olivette Planning and Community Design Commission meeting at 7 p.m. on Thursday, August 17 at Olivette City Hall.

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August 07, 2006

One St. Louis, if you want it

* *

*Jeff Smith On 11th Hour Smear Attacks*

*Says His Campaign Will Not Respond in Kind*

(St. Louis) — When I announced my candidacy for the state Senate, I wrote in a letter to supporters:

"Too often, St. Louis's people are better than its politics....[But] in this campaign, I will not play on anyone's fears; I will appeal to our hopes and aspirations. This campaign will be about the future of the City, a City that will live or die as one. It is about One St. Louis, and win or lose, I will work to move our City's politics toward a healthier place....[because] we need a strong voice dedicated above all to the City's health – rather than to one neighborhood or another."

Those words ring true today.

Our campaign has been based on serious proposals to improve the quality of teaching in Missouri; to reverse Matt Blunt's draconian Medicaid cuts and offer health insurance to all Missourians; and, to provide equal rights and full citizenship for all.

Two of my opponents, regrettably, have taken a different tack. Instead of substantive dialogue, they have offered malicious innuendo, smear tactics, and race-baiting. At a time when so many are working so hard to unite this city, they have chosen to pit one neighborhood against another for their personal political gain.

Often, we wonder why so few people seem to be engaged in the political process. The recent conduct of two of my opponents is precisely what turns people off about politics.

This campaign provides a clear choice. These opponents offer anonymous smear attacks in automated phone calls, while we knock on thousands of doors to hear people's concerns. They spread disgusting rumors and make wild accusations about my character and personal life, while we espouse a vision for the city and state and discuss honest differences on the important issues at stake. They view City politics through the tired prism of North Side versus South Side, while we do everything in our power to unify this district by campaigning door-to-door in every precinct with our progressive message.

As I said, the choice is clear: unity versus divisiveness, hope versus fear—the new politics versus the old.

That is why we will not respond in kind to our opponents' smear. We will continue, in these last 24 hours, to knock on as many doors as possible so we can hear your hopes and dreams for this district and this state.

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August 03, 2006

Blunt's New Chief of Staff

ACC columnist, Ed Martin.

Blunt Names Ed Martin New Chief of Staff

JEFFERSON CITY–Gov. Matt Blunt today announced that he has selected Edward R. Martin, Jr. to serve as his new Chief of Staff.

“I am pleased to welcome Ed Martin to our team and look forward to his contributions to our ongoing efforts to help move Missouri forward as chief of staff,” Blunt said. “Ed brings an exceptional legal, professional and personal background to this job and has shown the ability to bring diverse groups of people together to get results, a skill that will serve him well in our state capitol.”

Martin, 36 of St. Louis, currently serves as chairman of the St. Louis City Board of Election Commissioners. Martin is a founding partner of the law firm of Martin & Simmonds, a general practice law firm in St. Louis. Martin holds a bachelor’s degree in English literature from College of Holy Cross in Massachusetts, a juris doctorate with health law certificate and masters of applied ethics in health care from Saint Louis University.

Martin brings a wide range of experience and civic dedication to the governor’s office. He is fluent in Bahasa Indonesian, Bahasa Malay and Italian and has lived in Italy and North Sumatera, Indonesia. He serves on the Missouri Chamber of Commerce Leadership Missouri Board. Martin has founded and co-hosted radio talk shows in the St. Louis area, serves on the St. Louis Review editorial board and writes a regularly featured column in The Arch City Chronicle. He has been involved with Boy Scouts of America, Cardinal Carberry Senior Living Center Board of Directors, and the Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation, among many others.

Martin is the Father McGivney Fellow for Rights of Conscience with Americans United for Life and is an active member in the Catholic Church. He was appointed by Archbishop Justin Rigali in 1998 as director of the Human Rights Office for the Archdiocese of St. Louis. Martin served as chairman of the Papal Visit Committee for Social Concerns for Pope John Paul II’s visit to St. Louis, and hosted Mrs. Rosa Parks for a private audience with the Pope.

Martin will begin his new duties on Sept. 1, 2006 and will be available for media interviews when he begins in his official capacity. Martin, with his wife and daughter, plans to move to the Jefferson City area.

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July 25, 2006


Yesterday, the Progressive Party of Missouri filed petitions containing 14,932 signatures with the Missouri Secretary of State to get the party on the November ballot in Missouri, together with papers nominating six candidates for statewide and congressional offices. Registered voters from 95 Missouri counties plus the City of St. Louis signed the petition. The signatures amounted to 49% more than the 10,000 required by law.

Progressive Party leaders are confident that enough of the signatures are valid to place the party on the ballot, because all of the signatures were collected by party volunteers. Signatures obtained by volunteers historically have higher validity rates than those obtained by paid petitioners.

Missouri law requires Secretary of State Robin Carnahan to determine and announce no later than August 22 whether the party and its candidates have met legal requirements to appear on the ballot. The party will announce its candidates after Carnahan certifies them for the ballot.

The party failed in a similar attempt in 2004, when election authorities disallowed enough signatures to cause the party to fall 377 short. This year the party submitted over 2,000 more signatures than in 2004.

The Progressive Party of Missouri is affiliated with the Green Party of the United States.

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June 12, 2006

Poll: City Split on FP-BJC Deal

According to a new Arch City Chronicle poll to be published tomorrow in its June 13 edition, St. Louis City is evenly divided by the controversial plan to lease part of Forest Park to BJC Hospital. 39% support the plan, 39% oppose it, and 22% are undecided.

The poll also showed that support for the plan eroded as voters learned more about the plan. After hearing arguments in favor and opposed to the deal, 34% were supportive, 47% opposed and 19% undecided. This trend was evident across all demographic and geographic sub-groups.

Opposition to the plan is greatest among those living near the park. But not overwhelmingly so. 44% of surveyed residents in wards 17, 24, and 28 were against the plan, six points higher than the result from all the other wards.

The poll was conducted on June 7, 2006 by the Chilenski Strategy Group for Arch City Chronicle. The sample size was 1,750, and weighed to reflect the city’s overall voter population. It has a margin of error of +/- 2.3%.

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June 07, 2006

Smith picks up Unions

Smith Receives Major Endorsements From Influential Unions * ****

ST. LOUIS -- Today, several St. Louis unions announced their endorsement of
Jeff Smith, Democratic candidate for the 4 th State Senate seat. The
International Brotherhood of Teamsters Joint Council #13, the United Auto
Workers Region #5, and the Communications Workers of America Local #6320 all
declared their support for Smith. These are three of the area's largest
unions, and together have thousands of members in the 4 th Senatorial

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June 01, 2006

You think the business lobby is feeling a little like Jesus Christ?

For Immediate Release:

Big Business feels the Republican slight
JEFFERSON CITY – Business groups around Missouri are not feeling the love from the Republican-controlled Legislature this year after their primary pro-business legislation withered on the vine in the final days of the 2006 session. A motion to adopt the Conference Committee Report for SB 696 was offered three times on May 11-12 – the last two days of the session -- and three times that motion was withdrawn.

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