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April 2007

April 04, 2007

In the New Issue

First, in my article of the Pres of BOA race, I mention Bob Rice's predictions.
Here is his ward-byward spreadsheet.

Second, I mentioned our new web look. It should be up tomorrow, with new content coming throughout the month.

Finally, Brian Werner wrote an enjoyable piece about Write-Ins. Here it is:

Voters Without a Choice Choose “Someone Else”
Who would make the better Alderman: Mickey Mouse or Jimi Hendrix?

Both received write-in votes in last month’s primary election, as did Hillary Clinton, Charles Manson, and Phil the Stuffed Gorilla, though none of these received near as many votes as perennial write-in favorites Mr. and Mrs. Anyone and Someone Else.

In the March election there were only two races on the ballot and half of the Aldermanic races were uncontested, so why go through the trouble of casting your ballot just to vote for Handsome B. Wonderful?

A small number of voters in this election went even further and wrote-in names for both races on the ballot. It’s hard to understand why they would take the time to vote. Are they driven by a sense of duty to their country, or just a lack of anything better to do?

It could be just for a laugh, but there might also be something deeper.

Some people clearly choose to express their dissatisfaction with a candidate, casting votes such as, “Not him (Yuck)!! Please No.”

Even if they don’t have ill will towards the candidate, voters may question the point of filling in an oval for someone who’s running uncontested.

“I feel like it’s very undemocratic if there’s only one person on the ballot,” said one 8th ward voter. “I didn’t write in my neighbor thinking he would win. I just thought it was as worthwhile as voting for the guy on the ballot.”

Voting is about choice, and it doesn’t seem right if there’s only one option, even if it’s a good one. People choose to write-in, knowing it won’t affect things, because it’s not about actually accomplishing anything; you do it because you can.

And there’s a sense of defiance that comes along with it. You can vote for absolutely anyone you want to. In fact, knowing that your candidate isn’t going to win gives you the freedom to consider who would be a really great alderman. The options are wide open. You can vote for yourself, the guy who lives next door, or an effeminate cartoon mouse.

I wonder how Mickey Mouse feels about tax increment financing.

Wards with the Most Write-Ins
16th Ward: 66 write-ins, 3.29% of the vote.
8th Ward: 43 write-ins, 5.19% of the vote.
14th Ward: 41 write-ins, 6.15% of the vote.

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Quick wrap up from around the area

Union-endorsed School Bard candidates Katherine Wessling and David Jackson won the two open slots on the–likely soon to be powerless–St. Louis school board with 37% and 31% respectively.

In University City, Lynn Ricci handily defeated challenger Gloria Nickerson for the 2nd ward council seat, 81% to 19%.

In Overland, the unsurprising news of the day is the recall of Mayor Ann Purzner. Approved by 73% of the residents.

Creve Coeur residents approved a slate of charter amendments ranging from how ordinances are enacted–which passed with 72%–to requiring a two-thirds majority vote of the city council to approve eminent domain–88%. The eminent domain amendment was placed on the ballot by citizen petition. (full list here.)

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April 03, 2007

Results at

29% of the precincts reporting - Parks is up 70-30.

UPDATE: It passes. 6.8% turnout.

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SLPS Board Elections

in the Economist.

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New Committees

As rumored, Michael Colona files a committee to run for 67th District (Daus - termed).

Jake Hummel, as rumored, files a committee for 108th District (Villa - termed).

Bob Burns, files a committee for 85th District (rematch against Lembke, unless he runs as rumored for senate, 1st District). Also filing a committee on the D side in the 85th, Vicki Lorenz Englund.

Finally, Cynthia Kramer and Jane Bogetto have filed committees for rematches with T. Scott Muchany in the 87th and Rick Stream in the 95th.

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Election Day Open Thread

How slow is it out there?

Predictions on the parks? It needs 3/5 to pass.

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April 02, 2007

Potential Romney running mates

Responding to a question at a South Carolina campaign stop, Presidential candidate and former Governor of Massachusetts, Mitt Romney, offered up a few names he would consider for a potential running mate (via the AP).

Making the speculative list: South Carolina Gov. Mark Sanford, South Carolina Sen. Jim DeMint, former House Speaker Newt Gingrich of Georgia, and former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush.

Though Missouri's political circles have been abuzz with speculation, Missouri Governor Matt Blunt was not among those mentioned.

To be fair, Romney was playing to the audience, as he himself said, "When I'm in South Carolina, I'm not going to fail to mention some of the ones that are closest."

With the primaries still 11 months away, calling any response premature is, of course, an understatement.

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The Decoy Effect

Or: how I stopped worrying about my fellow front-runner, and learned to like the third.

It works on toasters, even on candidates. From The Washington Post.

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Monday Stew

Lots of states looking at HPV vaccine, and the costs.

The life of a testing coordinator.

Larry Summers looks at education.

Chicago sprawl continues.

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April 01, 2007

Time Flies

Metropolis will hold a 10 Year Anniversary Celebration and Awards Dinner, April 26. Matt O'Leary will be recognized for his extraordinary impact on the City.

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