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April 2005

April 29, 2005

Hanaway's new gig

Hanaway has been nominated by Bush to be the new U.S. attorney for Eastern Missouri.

Our source was early, but right. Which is, of course, much, much better than late, but wrong.

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Cover the Uninsured Week


Sunday, May 1, 2005
3:00 P.M.
Kiener Plaza, Downtown - St. Louis

More than 600,000 Missourians have no health care coverage and soon that number will grow dramatically.

These Missourians are not alone; nationwide, 45 million Americans have no health care coverage.

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Embree to Carnahan Camp

Robin Carnahan has hired Tim Embree, deputy finance director of Slay for Mayor, to work in her political operation.

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Name Game with Talent

Via Combest, National Review's John Miller says that Robin Carnahan is an "interesting possibility" to run against Talent.

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Democratic Underground

Looking for a place to pick up some more rumors / chatter / ear-to-the-ground comments? I just stumbled on this place which has a forum about Missouri Democratic politics.

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April 28, 2005

Gibbons for 3rd CD?

I've heard that he is looking at the race. It makes sense. He's in his last term, so he might be looking at his future. But his term doesn't end until 08. So if he lost he'd still have another shot at continuing his political career.

His position in Jefferson City should make fundraising a little easier. His positions on the social issues could play well in Jeff Co, and if he can win his home turf of St. Louis County, the math looks pretty good.

Republicans could do worse for a 3rd CD candidate.

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Presidential Press Conference

BushSSSpeech.jpgPresident George Bush will hold his first televised press conference in over a year tonight at 7:30 p.m.

The President takes to the airwaves while facing some of his lowest job approval numbers as well as a nation unimpressed by his policies regarding the economic, energy and Iraq.

Bush is expected to spend most of his time on social security in the wake of recent news that, despite a 60-day tour designed to drum up support for the President's plans, the majority of Americans do not support his ideas for changing the system.
(White House photo by Eric Draper)

Update: Be sure to watch tonight and let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.

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Black Struggle in the 21st Century

“Re-Defining the Black Struggle for the 21st Century”
A conference to build intergenerational unity in the struggle for liberation

Saturday, April 30, 2005
Forest Park Community College
Student Center Cafeteria 5600 Oakland
Conference Registration is $10

Workshops will include:
A. Keeping Isms out of our Struggle-Learn how to challenge gender, race, class, age and sexual orientation “isms” used by our enemies to divide us and weaken our organizations and movement.

B. Organizing for Social Justice in an Unjust Society-Hear how people, passionate about making change, organized around a human rights issue.

C. Raising the Demand for Accountability in HipHop-It is possible to unleash the force of this powerful art form to take political consciousness and activism to a higher, more positive level.

D. Assessing Organizing Models for Building Resistance-Explores the type of organizations needed in this period of empire-building and why.

For registration or vendor information, call (314) 367-5959 or email OBS at [email protected]

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April 27, 2005

Doing the job right?

In addition to reducing the amount districts with higher costs-of-living would receive under the new school formula, Missouri legislators defeated an amendment to the state school funding formula. The amendment would have required the state study the assessment practices used around the state.

Given that the assessments will play a large role in determining how much state aid a district will receive, a careful review of assessment practices should be the first step in implementing any new funding formula. The St. Louis Metropolitan area alone has seen a great deal of controversy over unfair or inaccurate assessment practices.

The Public Policy Research Center of UMSL has an analysis of the role assessments play in the new funding formula.

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Filibuster Busting Protest


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April 26, 2005

Project for Public Spaces

Project for Public Spaces is partnering with the Incarnate Word Foundation and the Whitaker Foundation to offer its much celebrated "What Makes a Place Great" lecture and workshop in St. Louis.

The Project for Public Spaces is a New York based nonprofit dedicated to creating and sustaining public spaces that build communities. Their research is based on sociologist William Whyte's pioneering urban studies. For 30 years the group has provided technical assistance, education, and research through programs in parks, plazas and central squares; buildings and civic architecture; transportation; and public markets in 1,000 communities in the United States and around the world. Check out their website at

Hear what they have to say by attending a public lecture and breakfast on Friday morning, May 13. Fred Kent and Kathy Madden, PPS principals, will explain their research. See examples in slides collected from their projects all over the world. You will get a firm start toward learning what makes a public space great and an opportunity to meet like-minded individuals working to make our community a better place.

When: Friday, May 13, 2005 -- 7:30 - 9:00 a.m.

Where: Anheuser-Busch Learning Center
Corner of Lynch and 12th Streets
(adjoining the Anheuser-Busch Tour Center)

There is no charge for this event; however space is limited and registration is required by calling 314-773-5100.

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Storch to Corbett: You're Outstanding!

Rep. Rachel Storch (D-St. Louis) recognized John Corbett, president of the Missouri State Council of Fire Fighters, as an "Outstanding Missourian" yesterday in the House of Representatives. Corbett, who is a retired University City fire fighter, was critically injured in a car accident in Ireland last November.

"John exemplifies outstanding citizenship," said Storch. "His service as a fire fighter and his dedication and leadership in the community make him the ideal recipient of this award."

During his career, Corbett helped ensure the highest standards of conduct and performance in the field of firefighting through his active participation in the International Association of Fire Fighters, AFL-CIO, Missouri State Council of Fire Fighters, Southern Federation of Fire Fighters, and the State and Provincial Association of Fire Fighters. He extends this dedication to his community through his civic engagement and his leadership in the Dogtown Historical Society, Tamm Avenue/Clayton Neighborhood Association and the 24th Democratic Ward Organization.

Corbett is a three-time delegate to the State Democratic Convention and was recognized by the Muscular Dystrophy Association of Missouri for his fund-raising efforts for research. In addition to his position at the Missouri State Council of Fire Fighters, Corbett has held many other leadership positions in professional organizations.

With Bauer's recall on tap, one wonders whether a fellow like Corbett might be interested in running for Alderman. (He ran against Bauer for State Rep in 96 and narrowly lost.)

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Base Closings

I guess it's a dog-fight, and Scott Air Force Base is considered vulnerable. One problem: Illinois is a Blue state and it's unclear whether our Red Senators Talent and Bond are in there fighting for Scott or not.

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And you thought the Board of Education was a thankless job!

Blunt appointed new members of the City and County Boards of Election. They are:

St. Louis City

• Angel McCormick Franks (Republican). Franks is the Founder and CEO of the Gray Matter Group, a healthcare consulting firm in St. Louis. She has worked in the eldercare industry nearly a decade in multiple capacities. She holds a bachelor’s degree in business administration and finance from Fontbonne University and a master’s in gerontology from Webster University.
• Edward Martin (Republican). Martin is a founding partner in the St. Louis office of Martin Simmonds PC, a general practice law firm. He has been heavily involved in the Catholic Church in St. Louis and has studied abroad in Italy and Indonesia. Martin earned a bachelor’s degree in english literature from the College of Holy Cross and a masters degree and law degree from St. Louis University. Martin also hosts a talk show on KTRS on Sunday.

• Clarence Dula (Democrat). Dula is a plumbing design engineer with Parson Brinckerhoff in St. Louis. He holds a bachelor’s degree in mechanical engineering from Texas Southern University and an MBA from Webster University.

• Donayle Whitmore-Smith (Democrat). Whitmore-Smith is a management consultant who has been involved with the Missouri Coalition for School Choice. She holds a bachelor’s degree in mass communications and english from Southern University A & M.

St. Louis County

• Anita Yeckel (Republican). Yeckel represented South St. Louis County in the Missouri State Senate for eight years and was the Senate sponsor of Blunt’s election reform legislation. Before being elected to the Senate, Yeckel worked in the banking industry and as a homemaker. She holds a bachelor’s degree in political science from the University of Missouri-St. Louis.

• John Diehl, Jr. (Republican). Diehl is an attorney at law with Nations, Hettenbach & Diehl, LLC in Town and Country. He has held a variety of positions including that of alderman in Town and Country and worked as a special deputy to former St. Louis County Republican Director of Elections Paul DeGregorio. Diehl holds a bachelor’s degree in political science from the University of Missouri-Columbia and a law degree from St. Louis University.

• Chaim Zimbalist (Democrat). Zimbalist is a, Chesterfield resident, is a practicing attorney in St. Louis and a former member of the Missouri General Assembly. He has a diverse legal background and been active in several local and national Jewish organizations. Zimbalist is U.S. Navy World War II veteran.

• William “Bill” Miller (Democrat). Miller is the administrator of corporate human resources at Lutheran Senior Services. Miller is a U.S. Army veteran and holds a bachelor’s degree in aeronautics from Tennessee State University and a masters degree in business management from National Louis University in Chicago.

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Sore Winner?

Most people think that after a good fight the classy thing to do is move on. Just imagine the list of folks they'd have sued if they lost!

Actually the irony here is the Republican Governor's Missouri Development Finance Board is suing one of the few stalwart (and maybe the least malicious) Republicans in the city. Three years ago, Plackemier ran against Maida Coleman for State Senate.

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Jensen responds...

Michael Jensen, publisher of the Sikeston, Mo Standard Democrat, responds to the Political Eye's criticism of one of Jensen's recent columns. The Political Eye had this to say about Jensen's column:

Remember the "welfare queen"? That invention of the Republican Right who siphons money from upright taxpayers and blows it on hooch and hair rollers? Well, she is back, according to Mike Jensen, publisher of the Sikeston, Mo., Standard Democrat. But, in this incarnation, she is the Medicaid queen, and she is rolling with the Medicaid baller.

In his response, Jensen dismisses the Political Eye's criticism and decides to try and describe the facts in order to explain how the Medicaid cuts will force people to take on more personal responsibility.

Well, despite their asinine rhetoric, I remain convinced that far too many people look for the government to provide their every need…So let’s revisit the Medicaid crisis in Missouri. Just absorb the following information and then decide for yourself … Today there are over one million Missourians on Medicaid - one in five Missourians today are on some form of state welfare.

Jensen never answers Political Eye's criticism of his comments. Jensen's characterization of medicaid recipients as urban blacks blowing their money instead of paying for healthcare is linked to his misunderstanding of the medicaid system. He characterizes the system as a form of welfare which he seems to equate with urban blacks. A characterization that is the favorite straw man of those who oppose social programs.

Jensens' misunderstanding is two-fold. Not only are the majority of medicaid recipients non-urban whites, but medicaid is a service provided to anyone who needs it and meets the requirements. One-in-five Missourians are not on welfare, but one-in-five do benefit from medicaid. It covers working families who can't cover the incredibly high costs of taking care of a paraplegic child, as well as poor families who simply can't afford to pay for insurance.

Medicaid and the medical care system as a whole need to be examined in order to bring costs down. However, misidentifying the medicaid system as a handout ignores the countless services it provides. Medicaid provides not only acute help but also provides preventative care which drives down the costs of health care by keeping people in better health which cuts down on expensive more intensive treatments.

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Drug testing for all?

White House Deputy Drug Czar, Mary Ann Solberg, is in town today to discuss expanding drug testing to all middle and high school students, not just those who participate in extracurricular activities.

Random drug testing is a troubling reality for many students. While the legality may be secure, the larger question of the effects of a random invasion of an individual's privacy still remain. Proponents offer that it is restricted to those who participate in extracurricular activities. Yet everyone must remember parents, teachers and school officials touting the positive benefits of such activities. College admissions offices look at extracurricular participation when evaluating a students application. If a student objects to random invasions of their privacy, aren't they unjustly punished for standing up for their beliefs?

What's the effect expanding drug testing to all students? How can schools effectively teach or talk about constitutional rights when the students themselves are subjected to involuntary searches that others are not subjected to. Should a police officer be able to stop the same student walking down the street and demand they pass a drug test?

In addition, is this a useful way to spend time and money when many students are unable to pass remedial math and reading tests?

Raising the question of expanding student drug testing will hopefully bring greater attention to the questionable nature of mandatory testing.

If anyone attended today's talk and you would like to comment on what went on, please feel free to add a comment.

Correction: The Deputy Drug Czar is Mary Ann Solberg, not Dr. Andrea Barthwell, as I originally stated. Thanks to ArchPundit for the heads up.

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April 24, 2005

Independent Art Market

Celebrate Mother's Day at the Independent Art Market.

Fort Gondo Compound for the Arts (3151 Cherokee) is hosting the second Independent Art Market. Come down and check out local artists and displaying work in a variety of mediums.

Participating artists include:
Firecracker Press (letterpress, poster art, etc.)
J. Marie and Lull (textiles, wearable art)
Kung Fu Chicken (ceramics, photography etc.)

The Market is open Saturday, May 7, 2005 12:00 p.m. - 10:00 p.m. and Sunday, May 8, 2005 12:00 p.m. - 5:00 p.m.

Visit for more information, or contact Contact Eric Woods at Firecracker Press, 314-776-7271.

Last December, the Independent Art Market set up a holiday sale and open studio tour at several locations throughout South City. This time they are sharing one location. The show features five artists from the three groups mentioned above.

If you are interested in supporting local artists or looking for a great place to bring Mom, this is the show.

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April 23, 2005

Enough Talent?

As Dave mentioned a few days ago, and Jo Mannies noted in a story Friday, McCaskill is getting the look from a lot of Democrats eyeing the 2006 Senate election, and even some pressure to make amends after the bruising gubernatorial primary. Some of the recent interest stems from a DSCC poll that shows McCaskill within Talent's margin of error.

While many of the national bookmakers (guru Charlie Cook among them) see Talent as fairly safe, polls are increasingly showing voters dissatisfied with Republican's handling of domestic issues. Both the President and Congress have seen their popularity polls steadily drop as culture issues continue to dominate national politicians time to the detriment of economic and health care concerns.

It's too early to prognosticate which issues will dominate the next year, it's a safe bet that the economy and health care will reassert themselves as major issues in congressional races. As Cook points out in a recent column, the Democrats have a shot at picking up seats if they create their own opportunities and exploit every weakness. In Missouri, the Republican leadership may have given Talent's Democratic challenger both the opportunity and the weapons through a combination of health coverage cuts, single-minded budgetary approaches and a seeming disinterest in the fate of working families.

The speculation will continue as to who will challenge Talent in '06, but chances are there will be voters in Missouri who may be open to Democrat's ideas.

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April 22, 2005


Police Board OKs Residency end: FOR: Mike Quinn, Bart Saracino, Chris Goodson, AGAINST: Jo Ann Freeman and Mayor Slay.

Slay asked that the rule change be amended to requre higher-up officers live in the city. He was rebuffed.

Jo says that McCaskill is mulling the Senate race.

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April 21, 2005

48 films project returns!


It's your chance to stop talking and start filming! The premise? Filmmaking
teams have just one weekend to make a short film. All creativity-writing,
shooting, editing and adding a musical soundtrack-must occur in a 48 hour
window beginning Friday evening at 7 and ending Sunday at 7. The following
week, the completed films are screened to an eager audience.


Starting this FRIDAY APRIL 22, 2005 at 12 NOON CST you will be able to
download the entry forms at to sign up your team. Only 30
teams will be selected this year. The first 10 teams who sign up are
automatically accepted. After that it is a lottery for the remaining teams.
Teams can be anywhere from 1 person to 30 or more people. THE DEADLINE FOR


The contest is on JUNE 10-12 and the screenings of the films will be on JUNE
15 at The Pageant. In addition, there will be a "Best Of" screening on JUNE
17 at The Pageant that will include an awards ceremony and live music by the
nationally touring band MOFRO ( In addition there will be a
Sunday Night "Drop Off" party at the Moolah Lounge where exhausted
filmmakers can trade war stories and get some nourishment and drinks after a
LONG weekend.

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Bessie Lowenhaupt Art Show

The will be a showing of the art of Bessie Lowenhaupt, the grandmother of ACC friend Charles Lowenhaupt. April 28, at UMSL.

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April 20, 2005

Via the StLouist mailing list. A meeting to look at the effect that increasing property and housing costs will have on the diversity and livability of South St. Louis. What is the effect on middle-income families who want to live in an area that was defined by its cohesive, middle-income community? Certainly development can be beneficial, but is it being done responsibly? Bring your questions and share your thoughts.

What: South Side Housing Assembly
Where: South Side Day Nursery Hub Office, 2716
When: Sunday April 24th at 4pm

What exactly is the problem and how do we define it?
What do you think positive development looks like? How
can we create more community control over development?
What resources do we have to share? What action can we
take? Come together to discuss these ideas and issues!
What do you think?

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TABOR vs. reality

Missouri Republicans may believe they might have a rock-solid campaign idea thanks to a proposal from House Speaker Pro Tem Carl Bearden, R-St. Charles. Bearden's proposal would cap state spending and any future increase in spending would be linked to population growth and inflation. The plan is based on a Colorado referendum titled, Tax Payers Bill of Rights (TABOR).

However, Republicans may want to look to see how other states have faired with such fixed fiscal policies.

The current Governor of Colorado, Bill Owens, was one of the original supporters of the plan and rode it to success becoming the first Republican Governor in 24 years. Owens has now submitted a ballot proposal that would loosen the law's limits in order to deal with necessary expenses in a stumbling economy.

In Virginia, Republicans in the legislature also scrapped their anti-tax crusade and, backed by business interests, passed Virginia's largest tax increase since 1966.

These are not the only cases where fiscal reality has trumped ideology, but two of the most prominent. National Review named Owens "America's Best Governor" in 2002. Not the pedigree of someone gone of the reservation.

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Shake-up in the Mayor's Office?

With the start of the second term, I've heard a couple of rumors about this person or that leaving. Without confirmation, I'll uncharacteristically refrain from passing them along, except this one which is the most interesting of them.

Rainford moves to a special position to explore "regional options", and Sam Simon goes from Public Safety to Chief of Staff. Satisfies the Rainford haters and sets the table for a major strategic initiative towards more city-county consolidation.

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Life-Choice battlefield has moved

According to yesterday's Times to the local pharmacy.

Locally, according to the Planned Parenthood Missouri Monitor, Schnucks may have chosen a side.

Patient Protection Act is a "must pass" in Missouri... One woman's story.
An unavoidable accident occurred where I needed Emergency Contraception (EC). I believe this product should be available over the counter because it's difficult and not always possible to get a prescription on time. I THOUGHT I was lucky enough to get a prescription from my OBGYN but it turns out that my regular pharmacy refused to fill it. The woman who worked there said that this pharmacy was not allowed to fill prescriptions for EC.

I inquired into the reasoning behind this refusal and she merely stated that "we are not allowed to talk about that." The complexity of my feelings can be adequately summarized in words like 'enraged' and my complex and changing attitude towards democracy and patriotism can be adequately summarized with words like 'disillusioned,' 'let down,' 'excluded.' This is an egregious violation of my rights to choice and legal health care.

My awareness that many women endure even greater tribulations from being refused a legal prescription for EC makes my own experience even more painful. As unjustified as my experience was, I was luckier than many other women because I had the ability to go to a neighboring pharmacy just a mile away. While the fact that an urban pharmacy in the Schnucks supermarket on Clayton refuses legal prescriptions is surprising, it is likely that I will be able to find a sympathetic pharmacy in such a densely populated area...

Jennifer B., St. Louis, MO

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Carnahan Crystal Ball

Carnahan's April quarter filings look reasonably encouraging, and should begin to allay fears of "vulnerability."
The numbers: $220,736 raised; $83,640 spent; $138,888 on hand.
Critics still cite his outstanding debt ($136,374) and considerable expenditures as problems.

Additionally, I'm changing my analysis of how Johnson's loss in the 22nd affects Carnahan. I had thought that Alter's victory gave the Republicans a foothold there from which to launch their campaign against Carnahan.

Forget foothold. Try turn-out.

The most likely scenario now is that Ryan McKenna (who narrowly lost his bid to be the Dem nominee) will run against Alter in two years. Should be a spirited race and will heighten turn-out in the district. What kind of turn-out is the question. Will feisty Democrats longing to retake the seat turn-out and vote Carnahan as well? Or, without a liberal in the race, will the turn-out be heightened among pro-life, pro-gun voters thereby supplying extra votes to his opponent?

I think those are more accurate questions to chew on.

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April 19, 2005


Police Board: From my previous tipster comes this email - Ok, here is the deal. Everything I opined about yesterday is on the money. Still don't know the vote tally, but I believe it will turn out to be 3-2.

There will be a commitment from the police board to "incentive-ize" officers to live in the city. Preference on promotions, salary and other benefits to those choosing to live in the city, etc.

Guv does NOT want this on his desk, and the deal is apparently in place to get his help in killing the rest of the debate over Portwood's bill and the other more liberal plans to lift the residency rule.

Nice, neat little package, with something in it for everyone.

The mayor stands pat in his opposition, reflecting the 2/3 of the city voters who voted in the non-binding referendum a couple of years ago to stick with residency requirements. Gives him a soapbox to bash control of the city PD by a governor and legislature that live outside the city, and sets up potential to work with the county to establish a regional police department, or some kind of city-county public safety district. Read Slay's inaugural address. He talks about sharing a fire truck with Dooley - why wouldn't he share a police cruiser too?

It all fits in my book.

Talent 06: The Huddle at Robin Carnahan's office ended without clarity (or Clairity if you will) about the future. McCaskill didn't rule it out, but wasn't anxious about it either. If she's going to jump in though, the clock is ticking.

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McCaskill, Carnahan, Nixon huddling

They are meeting right now in Robin Carnahan's campaign office down on Laclede's Landing.

The topic of discussion: a recent poll by the Democratic National Party that showed McCaskill within the margin of error of Talent.

If McCaskill runs for Senate, that means she gives up the Auditor spot in 06.

While she has a strong funding base of support from her gubernatorial campaign, Senate races are qualitatively different than state-wide even though they draw on the same voters. Senate races draw national money. Therefore, the backing of the National Committee which did the poll and expected stalwart support from Emily's List and others could make the race more attractive to her.

Finally, it completely recasts McCaskill. From the selfish ambitious ouster of a sitting Governor who cared more about her career than the state party in 04, to a selfless, charge up the hill, take one for the team leader.

Will it happen?

We'll see, but it certainly looks like a better bet than Chuck Graham.

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Slay looking to the future?

The Post-Dispatch reviews an advance copy of Slay's inaugural speech. They make note of an allusion to a city-county merger:

"In four years, (St. Louis County Executive) Charlie (Dooley) and I may share fire engines, airports, a health district, a bond issue, a tax base or - even - an office," the text reads. "Or, we may not."

While the county may not be in favor of a merger, if the city experiences enough economic growth and positive change to make it palatable, Slay may try to position himself as the one who got the ball rolling. Nothing substantial is realistic in the next four years, but it can't hurt to be seen as thinking more regionally. Perhaps this may weigh on his decision regarding the residency rule.

Broadening your appeal outside the city limits would be a good move for someone contemplating a higher office (a question Slay, unsurprisingly, won't answer).

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Intros and Caveats

As most of you know, Dave and his lovely wife Mary Lisa recently added a new member to their family, Sarah Ann. In addition we here at the ACC are in the midst of re-tooling the print version to try and move to a weekly publishing schedule.

Right now Dave is a busy man.

So with Dave's own tight schedule and our desire to keep all of our readers appraised of what we are working on, I asked if I could help out with posting.

I usually work with a slightly longer deadline than web posting allows, which helps me keep my foot mostly out of my mouth, so if I dangle a participle or misspell a name, please feel free to correct me.

That said, I look forward to contributing to the website and I hope I can be as illuminating as Dave has been. If you have any comments, tips or suggestions, please feel free to send them along to or post them in the comments section.

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April 18, 2005

Extra hand on the ACC Blog

One of our writers, Matthew Murphy, will soon be joining me here at the ACC blog and hopefully posting with great regularity.

(For the record, Matthew is not the Matt Murphy who works in the BOA Pres Jim Shrewsbury's office.)

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Alternative Police Board Guess

From a veteran city politico:

My take is that it will be a 3-2 vote, with Slay and Saracino voting no. Accomplish's everything. POA gets a victory, the Governor tells the legislature to back off, and Slay holds his position.

Just a guess, but it sounds like the right play to me.

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Talent fundraising

Via Combest, Senator Talent is a $1.3 Million Dollar Candidate and climbing.

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Let's count the votes

Two recent Post articles (Bryan and Wagman) proclaim the police residency rule will soon be relaxed. Rumored for a couple of weeks, they must have it nailed down since the Post doesn't make a habit of going out on a limb.

But neither article lists how the members of the board might vote.

So let's try to count heads.
The board members are: Mike Quinn, Bart Saracino, Jo Ann Freeman, Chris Goodson, and Mayor Slay.

Mike Quinn is on the record in favor of lifting the requirement. Folks are assuming that Goodson is a "yes" vote as well. Did the Guv ask Goodson about residency before making the appointment?

Still that's only two. From the newpaper it sounds like the mayor is the third, willing to take 7 and Out rather than risk something more dramatic from Jefferson City.

It does look like the mayor - if I may go out on a limb - thinking beyond the immediate situation to a different (worse) scenario in the future, orchestrating a compromise, leaking to the press to soften the blow and failing to tie it to some meaningful reforms like the civilian review board.

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Regionwise/SLU celebrate their partnership

There will be a reception recognizing the RegionWise partnership with the College of Public Service at Saint Louis University.

Wednesday, April 20,2005

Program will start at 6:15pm
Samuel Cupples House
3673 West Pine Mall

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The Carnahan Group

Tom Carnahan, bro to Congressman Carnahan, and formerly of Carnahan and Garvin, has launched "The Carnahan Group" which will consist of several divisions, including development, legal, consulting and tax credit syndication.

His new digs are at 906 Olive Street.

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April 17, 2005

Red State / Blue State

The Discovery Channel will be in town in town April 27-30, working on a reality special called something like Red State, Blue State.

Premise: Two families with different political beliefs exchange homes for 10 days to experience life in either a red or blue state.

Program will air sometime around Labor Day.

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Holy Family Cross

This is from a Tower Grove South email list:

"The 400 pound cross on the top of Holy Family church has been removed. (It was held in place with eight screws!) The cross had to be removed before the church is sold.

It's the end of an era, friends.

While I attended Holy Family Church and School as a child in the 60's (and never returned after Vatican II) the parish helped build define this community."

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St. Louis = Fashion Mecca

May we all dress a little better.

Brought to you by the fine folks at the Fashion Forum StL.

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April 16, 2005

When possible, avoid playing chicken.

While I support the students, I'm not thrilled about the hunger strike.

Firstly because I worry it's dangerous.

Secondly, I'm not sure it was smart strategic move. It has raised the issue to the broader community, but what's next? Perhaps they should have taken the $500,000. They're sort of boxed in now.

They eat. It's over.

Meanwhile the ball is in the Chancellor's Court and they can't expect him to completely cave. What's his out?

If he expels the students - either from the admin building or from the university - what's their response? Another wave of hunger strikers? How deep is the movement? What other tools do they have?

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Chuck Graham as Obama?

Seems like a long-shot.

But beating Talent in 06 isn't that far-fetched. All the Democrats are missing is a candidate (pa-dum-bum).

Really the formula is pretty simple:
First, (out of the Dems control) Republican problems both state-wide and nationally. Pick from the dozens of scenarios out there. Imagine another sucky year for the Missouri budget with Blunt failing to promote any solution except more and more cuts. Or, the Bush administration floundering after getting its ass kicked by Social Security and adrift heading toward its final two years with gas prices gravity-free at $2.75.
Then, a tight campaign with enough money to tell the voters one message over and over again: The Republicans are screwing the state/country up. This guy is a Republican.

That's it. Pray for Republican follies. Have enough money to tie him to it.

It could happen.

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Friday news release?

I thought Friday was the day you released things that you wanted to hide in the Saturday news cycle.

Unless this thing has legs - it doesn't - it's headed for black hole oblivion.

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Political Training for Progressive Women of Color

National Women's Political Caucus is hosting a training on Saturday April 23rd from 9am - 5pm.

Topics will include: Making the Decision to Run, Campaign Planning, Budgeting and Fundraising, Targeting Voters, and Getting Out the Vote.

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April 14, 2005

Scott Air Force Base

Scott Air Force Base is being reviewed through the 2005 Base Realignment and Closure process (BRAC). With the Secretary of Defense set to release a list of recommended base closings on May 16, 2005, it is critical that St. Louis area residents – Missouri and Illinois – show that the community supports Scott.

Scott Air Force Base is the St. Louis region’s 4th largest employer with 13,000 employees and an annual economic impact of more than $2 billion, according to the Leadership Council Southwestern Illinois. It is home to the U.S. Transportation Command and Air Mobility Command, directing the movement of all U.S. military personnel and cargo around the world.

Scott was spared in the 1995 round of base closures when ATCOM in St. Louis was closed. Building Mid-America Airport at Scott – while not fully utilized – is important because it shows the potential for joint-use and community support for Scott.

Showing your support is easy – just go to the website and join the coalition. It takes two minutes and adds your name to the growing list of residents who are concerned about Scott and the St. Louis regional economy.

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April 13, 2005

Birth follow-up

I'm happy to report that my daughter now has a name! Sarah Ann Penilla Drebes.

A couple of personal notes before we return the blog back to politics.

First, I want to give a brief plug for St. John's. We were continually impressed by the consistent level of excellent service they provided. The nurses there are tops.

Returning home, it was very touching to read the comments below Sarah Ann's picture, and read emails and listen to phone messages. While they were very kind and I thank everyone who took time out to tell us they were sharing our joy, I'm guessing the one I'll remember apart from the others years from now will be the one from a certain 20th ward committeeman who left this touching message while my wife and I were delivering:

Hey Dave This is .... I got a real simple message for you: Go F*#k yourself. Bye.

Ah what a charmer! I guess he finally got around to reading the last issue where we complained that the 20th ward's 8% turn-out in the last election was pathetic and needed to be addressed.

Anyway, little Annie is sleeping right now and I'm going to get caught up on some things. Be back soon - with politics.

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April 12, 2005

I have a daughter!


Mary Lisa gave birth to a beautiful baby girl yesterday. 7 pounds, 6 ounces.

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April 11, 2005

Young Dems Meeting

Wednesday, April 13th
7:00 p.m.
McGurk's Irish Pub
1200 Russell

For mo info, call Lori Becker at 724-4310.

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April 10, 2005

Baby Announcement

Emma Claire Cohen, duaghter of Jason Cohen, who headed the Democrats' coordinated campaign in St. Louis, and wife Jamie, arrived yesterday at 5 pounds, 8 ounces.

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April 08, 2005

The Ownership Society = “You’re On Your Own”

The Ownership Society = “You’re On Your Own”

By Jeanette Mott Oxford
State Representative (District 59-St. Louis)
April 7, 2005

The GOP-led Missouri House of Representatives and Senate have passed Senate Bill 539 which will terminate the state’s Medicaid healthcare delivery system in 2008, promising to replace it with some yet undesigned plan. This is a great example of Fire! Ready! Aim! As many as 100,000 working parents, senior citizens in nursing homes, people with disabilities, and impoverished men, women, and children are expected to lose coverage due to this action.

Despite being wrapped in patriotic and moralistic rhetoric of “fiscal responsibility,” “freedom of choice,” and “personal responsibility,” backers of the bill actually issued a call to radical individualism. Speaking for the bill, a GOP representative argued that it is patently unfair to force Missouri taxpayers to pay for someone else’s healthcare if they do not wish to do so. This abandons the long-held American value of public policy for the common good.

Imagine a nation, if you will, where taxation involves a menu of options on which citizens may check boxes to designate where their tax dollars will go. Oppose the war in Iraq? Then do not mark the box for the Defense Department. Prefer the local trendy bookstore to the public library? Then hold back your dollars so some free-loading child will not get to read Dr. Seuss on your dime. Send your children to private schools? Then those irksome public schools dollars might be better placed in conservation for the taxpayer who likes to fish and hunt.

Add to this mix wealthy special interests who would purchase radio and TV ads and mailings to convince you and your neighbors to mark their clients on your taxation ballot. Lacking in slick promotional literature and heart-tugging commercials would be minimum wage workers without health insurance, babies born to addicted mothers, persons with severe mental or physical disabilities who will have to be institutionalized if not for in-home support services, and a host of others who suffer.

We have not quite reached the individual ballots for taxation phase, but the scenario that I describe around special interests and advertising closely resembles Congress and the Missouri General Assembly. Throughout political campaigns and public service, elected officials are bombarded with the persuasive speech and actions of lobbyists and campaign contributors, among whom the “haves” are overly represented and the “have-nots” are virtually absent.

One might call a political and geographical subdivision in which such conditions exist a region or a country, but it is not a state or a nation. It is a collection of individuals, each clamoring for his or her own desires and preferences. It is a popularity contest and not a democracy.

Building a strong state and nation depends on shared values of justice, mutual respect that wins out over prejudices, and a commitment to improving on the record of past generations. It involves putting our hearts, minds, and bodies into the building of a decent society in which no worker will live in poverty, all children will have high quality public education, and no one will go without needed healthcare. Compassion, sacrifice, and teamwork are demanded.

Some legislators promise that the churches and charities will step in and meet human needs in a very personal way once government is out of the way. It is hard to believe this claim, however, given that millions of families have been living without adequate basic human needs for decades, even with the assistance of subsistence level government programs. It is hard to understand how a withdrawal of government funds will create compassion and involvement from those who did not act to fill the multiple gaps left by the meager supply of caring neighbors and limited resources of helping agencies previously.

Pres. George W. Bush or Gov. Matt Blunt tout an “ownership society,” but it becomes more and more apparent that we are moving instead toward a “you’re on your own society.” That is not the Missouri in which I wish to live. It is time for all justice-minded people to unite to fight the agenda of radical individualism. Together we can weave a network of care around our communities, promoting the economic, social, cultural, and political conditions in which all our neighbors are valued and can flourish. We’re in this together; our destinies are inextricably linked. Let’s live like it!

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April 07, 2005

Not college roommates.

I erred last issue in "reporting" that former CD candidate Mark Smith and PD editorial writer Bill Freivogel were once college roommates. They weren't.

Nothing more to say other than I blew it. My fault.

My sincere apologies.

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April 06, 2005

Gunn to the WG City Council

Kevin Gunn, former Gephardt staffer, has been appointed to fill the Webster Groves City Council vacancy created when Dotty Delassus passed away. He will be sworn in on April 19.

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Final tally - School board

VERONICA O'BRIEN 12,273 18.62%
WILLIAM PURDY 10,066 15.28%
FLINT W. FOWLER 10,013 15.19%

Peter Downs 9,424 14.3%
Joe Moramarco 7,538 11.44%
Joseph Keaveny 7,479 11.35%
Nancy Galvin 2,789 4.23%
Monica L. McNichols-Johnson 2,753 4.18%
Frank W. Kriegel Jr. 2,090 3.17%
Dan Kinney 1,472 2.23%

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April 05, 2005

Dissenters' Slate still leading

With 65% reporting, they hold the first and second slots and are fighting for the third.

Veronica O'Brien 7,396 18.1%
William Purdy 6,265 15.33%
Flint W. Fowler 5,944 14.55%
Peter Downs 5,737 14.04%
Joe Moramarco 4,863 11.9%
Joseph Keaveny 4,683 11.46%
Nancy Galvin 1,848 4.52%
Monica L. McNichols-Johnson 1,755 4.29%
Frank W. Kriegel Jr. 1,342 3.28%
Dan Kinney 1,033 2.53%

Channeling PE: "It's a win for the mayor as the majority slate picks up a seat!"

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Bad news for the Dems

Alter wins.

Bill Alter REP 6,861 30.1%
Rick Johnson DEM 6,795 29.8%
Harold R. Selby IND 6,272 27.5%
Zip Rzeppa IND 2,854 12.5%

Selby surges, apparently drawing votes away from Alter and Johnson alike. Could the endless negative commercials between Alter and Johnson have contributed to voters turning to Selby in the closing days?

Jefferson County is now officially a beach-head for Republicans looking to take the 3rd CD in 2006.

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Mid-day and Absentee - School Board

Dissenters' Slate winning at mid-day.

Veronica O'Brien 619 17.9%
William Purdy 521 15.06%
Flint W. Fowler 395 11.42%
Peter Downs 388 11.22%
Joseph Keaveny 316 9.14%
Joe Moramarco 310 8.96%
Nancy Galvin 292 8.44%
Monica L. McNichols-Johnson 289 8.36%
Frank W. Kriegel Jr. 182 5.26%
Dan Kinney 147 4.25%

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Other election day news

School Board results are SLOW. They are counting the write-ins for community college therefore no numbers so far.

And a shout out to Ben DeClue who handily won the Crystal City Ward 2 race.
BEN DeCLUE 173 98.86%
Write-in Votes 2 1.14%
Tomorrow morning, Ben, make sure to reach out to the two write-in voters.

Meanwhile the mid-day results in the Lindbergh School District's tax increase are looking grim:
1,829 Yes
3,082 No
Blame it on much higher assessments which just hit homeowners last week.

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Close in the 22nd

Quite a race in the 22nd.

Secretary of State has 80% reporting and Alter up by 127.
Post has 84% reporting and Alter up by 30.
JeffCo has 94% reporting and Alter up by 58.

Amazingly Selby is pulling in over 25% right now. Rzeppa around 12%.

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Joseph P. Roddy, Sr., died Monday

Joseph P. Roddy, Sr., died Monday. Longtime Alderman of the 17th Ward and Clerk of the Circuit Court. Wake at Kriegshauser's South on Wednesday from 4-8. Funeral at the New Cathedral on Thursday at 10.

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More victory parties

Flint Fowler will be at Vito's at 3515 Lindell.

Joe Keaveny will be at Bill Christmas's studio located at 6014 Kingsbury.

Joe Moramarco will host a party at his home at 1616 South Compton.

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April 04, 2005

Wash U Sit-In

St. Louis, MO - On April 4, 2005 at 12 pm, students at Washington University will stage a sit in at the University's admissions office until the chancellor guarantees a living wage for campus employees. The sit in was called after an escalation of other tactics over the last 2 years failed, including a rally on Friday, April 1st.

The Student Worker Alliance was founded at Washington University in November of 2003 when students discovered that campus workers were making poverty wages, feeling threatened and pressured by upper management, and had few (if any) benefits such as healthcare. Based on this, the group initiated a campaign to aid workers in winning a living wage.

Students will sit in until Chancellor Mark Wrighton agrees to SWA's proposed Code of Conduct, which includes a living wage for all campus employees, the right to organize, and membership in the Workers' Rights Consortium.

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Folksy or Inane? You Make the Call.

From Speaker Rod Jetton's Capitol Report:

This Spring Break was especially exciting because I not only got to see Cassie and the kids, but I got to know the newest member of our family--our new dog King. As most of you know, our family recently got King to replace our former dog, Penny. Since we got him, King has become part of the family, but my time in Jefferson City has kept me from really becoming acquainted with our newest addition.

During the break, King and I had several long chats. King proved to be an excellent companion. Like most dogs, he tends to let you carry the conversation, but I didn't mind. I know it might sound a little corny, but I've always felt talking to your pets can be good therapy. A dog doesn't judge you. He doesn't evaluate what you are wearing. He doesn't care where you stand on this issue or that idea. He doesn't even care whether you are a Republican or Democrat. A dog's loyalty to his master is unquestioning, his love unconditional. With King, there are no strings. That is certainly a refreshing change from Jefferson City.

Now, I was little disappointed that King had no real solutions to fixing Missouri's budget or creating a workable education funding formula. But he is new, so I'll give him some time.

All in all though, the time I spent with King was great. He's a fun dog, with lots of spirit and energy. He has that youthful zest for life that makes all pups fun to be around. Dogs have a carefree nature that reminds us that life can, and should, be fun. That is a lesson I'll take with me back to Jefferson City as we begin the task of hammering out a budget that will allow Missouri to reach its full potential and promise.

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Pope Octavian

SLU professor emeritus William B. Faherty wrote this slim novel a couple of years ago which takes the reader behind scenes of a fictional papal election.

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April 03, 2005

Cover Girl

On St. Louis Magazine's cover this month - the daughter of John Paul Frisella, committeeman of the 10th ward.

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Wanted: Ward Boss

Look for a vacancy soon in the 14th ward. Committeewoman Janet La Montagne is relocating to the 16th ward opening up that spot.

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April 02, 2005

Victory Parties

Hope to have a full listing by Tuesday afternoon. Here's the first:

Veronica O'Brien, 7:00 p.m, Euclid Plaza Building, 625 N. Euclid

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"Smells like St. Stanislaus"

"Fundraising efforts to raise money to build new athletic facilities for Bishop DuBuourg High School were dampened when Arch Bishop Raymond Burke reportedly told the members of the fundraising committee they could not raise money exclusively for the high school but for the archdiocese at large. Then they would be required to submit a proposal to the archdiocese for funding to build athelic facilities..."

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April 01, 2005

Young Dems

Meant to blog about this yesterday but the day got away from me.

Nice scene at the Young Dems meeting Wednesday night – a regular who’s who of the younger set. Lori Becker, who worked on every campaign of the cycle, orchestrated the coup. She takes the spot of communications director. Ross Macholan, who was “discovered” by Brian Wahby during the City Dems organizing effort, is the new president. Bob Rice, now working on the school board situation, is Vice President. And a pair of Carnahan staffers, Kasie Triplet and Aaron Block, round out the executive committee taking the roles of Secretary and Treasurer, respectively.

SEEN among the crowd at McGurk’s: Political guru Jim Ross, the old man at the shin-dig; former rep candidate Sreenu Dandamudi; County Council wanna-be Jake Zimmerman; Former Stollite Ben DeClue; Carnahan press-person Leah Friedman; with Shannon Weber, Dustin Mitchell and Hazel Tamano helping fill out the room.

Finally, I suppose the evening wouldn’t have been complete without Joel Jennings, a Carnahan staffer, smugly refusing to shake my hand because as he put it, “I know who you are.” Actually, he didn’t. Whoops. Case of mistaken identity, I guess. Here’s a freebie – Even if you’re sure you got it all figured out, try not to act like an asshole. You work for the congressman. Stick your hand out, smile, act polite.

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Jackson to speak (in about a half hour)

RCGA presents Alphonso Jackson, Secretary of HUD, today 11:00 a.m. to noon; Regional Collaboration Center on the 12th Floor of One Metropolitan Square. Jackson will speak on Social Security, housing and economic issues facing the country. A question and answer session will follow Secretary Jackson’s speech.

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L'Ecuyer to Maplewood

Rachelle L'Ecuyer will become Director of Community Development with the City of Maplewood. She starts April 25th.

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