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Bring Your Own Budget (BYOB)

Standard Banner Ad Size: 160 pixels X 180 pixels.

Cost: A penny per ad view.

How It Works: You tell us how much you’d like to spend, and we’ll rotate your ad in the mix accordingly.


  • Your monthly ad budget is $100; your ad will be seen 10,000 times over the course of the month. 
  • Your budget is $250; your ad will be seen 25,000 times during the month.

Every Eyeball (EE)

Cost: 50% off BYOB rate.

How It Works: Your ad is up continuously.  You capture every eyeball and we give you a big discount.   Plus, it allows you to lock-in more views at lower rates.

Lock-in Rates with EE Plan

Our online traffic grows every month – substantially.

Month Unique visitors Total visits  Page views
Dec 2006 15,256 52,539 157,552
Jan 2007 16,425 55,540 189,795
Feb 2007 18,318 57,957 227,777
March 2007 19,466 66,969 246,259

56% growth in 3 months

Commit to a long-term ad run and pay today’s rates for more views in the future.


ACC Graphic Design: $50.00 one-time fee




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