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About Us


The mission of the Arch City Chronicle is to engage citizens with information that is fun to read, relevant to their lives and challenging to the status quo.


The Arch City Chronicle started as a conversation between founders David Drebes and Will Winter. While picnicking with their wives in Forest Park, Winter mentioned the abysmal coverage the local daily was giving to the city's redistricting battle. After hearing Drebes and Winter complain for awhile, the wives told them to put up or shut up. Not long after, the first issue was published as a single sheet of paper, and mailed to 50 friends and family, in September of 2001. The hobby grew quickly. Soon it was published twice a month and people they didn't know were asking to be added to the mailing list of this must-read publication, covering the area's civic issues.

Since then, the Arch City Chronicle has risen to meet the demands of a dedicated following, to reach new readers, and to cultivate interest and support from across the metro area. It has become essential reading among the city's political class and has received critical acclaim in many established, mainstream local publications.

Devoted staff time increased dramatically in March 2003, when Drebes started working on the Arch City Chronicle full-time as the general manager to facilitate an expansion (Winter still contributes articles). Additional volunteers joined and the paper grew to 12 pages with a circulation of 5,000.

In the summer of 2005, it was time for Arch City Chronicle to grow again. New investors allowed for the paper to open an office, hire a full-time advertising staff, broaden its content beyond politics and increase its circulation to 20,000.

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